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Facebook's Funding of and Integration With State Propaganda and Disinformation Institutions



Since May 2018, the management of Facebook's in-practice allowed and posted content policy has been officially guided by Atlantic Council [2], which is basically the propaganda and disinformation arm of NATO, funded by, among others, the US government and weapons manufacturers, and which is notorious for advocating for war against NATO challengers, calling for acts of terrorism to be committed against NATO challengers like Russia, and for operating social media manipulation projects that falsely attack innocent people and companies that don't parrot CIA and NATO propaganda. Not only is Facebook receiving policy direction from state propaganda and disinformationists, but Facebook also directly funds the Atlantic Council-linked disinformation group "Integrity Initiative".



NATO was created solely to be an anti-USSR force, and today exists solely to be an anti-Russia force. Correspondingly, Atlantic Council is a fierce war-monger that openly advocates terrorist attacks on Russia's infrastructure, including cyber attacks, attacks on Russia's power grid, and bombing the Kerch Strait bridge that connects Crimea to Russia's mainland.


"Integrity Initiative" itself is a hyper-aggressive malicious disinformation institution which, leaked "Integrity Initiative" documents revealed, receives millions in annual funding from the UK FCO, as well as the US State Department, NATO, and Facebook, along with some additional sources of funding. "Integrity Initiative"'s "Phase II" operating costs for March 2018 - March 2019 totaled £1.96 million ($2.58 million USD).


Leaked documents also revealed that "Integrity Initiative" is not just limited to social media disinformation projects, but is heavily integrated with Western mainstream news outlets including BBC, The Guardian, Sky News, Washington Post, and many other outlets where "Integrity Initiative" has project partner reporters to whom "Integrity Initiative" feeds stories and also pays by the word for specific stories to be written. The leaked "Integrity Initiative" documents also revealed that "Integrity Initiative" 'feeds stories anonymously' to other news media to get their propaganda into wide circulation. "Integrity Initiative" has "clusters" of project partners in many NATO countries and directly interferes in the politics of those countries.


A download for the leaked "Integrity Initiative" documents is provided further down in this post.



As the partnership between Facebook and Atlantic Council is officially announced, with the influence of Facebook's integration with Atlantic Council being apparent in its content and moderation practices, and with Facebook's funding of "Integrity Initiative" having been exposed via leaked verified "Integrity Initiative" documents, it is evident that Facebook is not an open and free platform where all honest, civil, and accurate information and viewpoints are treated equally, but is a deeply-integrated government psyops project that is constantly working to shift perceptions towards a propaganda narrative.





Information about Atlantic Council and "Integrity Initiative" projects and personnel


Not too long ago, Atlantic Council was the driving force behind many false accusations of Russian bots and trolls on Facebook and Twitter (including these infamous accusations that backfired spectacularly), including Twitter's absurd witch-hunt that labelled any Twitter profile with a Cyrillic character in it 'Russia-linked' and which US and UK MSM were all too eager to hype despite the obvious fallacies of the assessment.

One of the key propagandists in that drive was Atlantic Council's DFRLab's Ben Nimmo, who is also a key player in the UK and NATO psyops disinformation project ironically titled "Integrity Initiative".
Atlantic Council was a core partner in the disgraced PropOrNot propaganda project [2], which was lambasted and discredited during the 2016 US election campaign after it alleged that all US media that didn't parrot the CIA's narrative is "Russian propaganda". That project was likely one of their brainchildren.
Many disinformation activities that Atlantic Council is involved in have been exposed since September 2018 due to the leaking of documents belonging to the UK state troll farm and disinformation factory "Integrity Initiative".
These are the pages where some of the documents were originally leaked:
I think there have been 6 document dumps in total. An archive containing parts 1 - 6 of the leaked "Integrity Initiative" documents can be downloaded here.   [backup link]
The leaked "Integrity Initiative" documents revealed that "Integrity Initiative" has what it calls "clusters" in many countries who do various things for the project including feeding anonymous propaganda narratives to the media in those countries.
This is a screenshot of the "Integrity Initiative" document detailing their UK "cluster". Click to view a larger version of the image.
Read the whole Twitter thread to get a better overview.
In the leaked documents, many MSM journalists were named as being part of the "Integrity Initiative" project clusters. Some of the named people include:
David Nicholas and Eleanor Scarnell - UK House of Commons Defence Committee
Ben Nimmo - Atlantic Council
Bill Browder - Putin critic, Magnitsky Act
Nick Cohen, James Landsale, Jonathan Marcus - BBC
Anne Applebaum - Washington Post
David Aaronovitch, Dominic Kennedy - The Times
Deborah Haynes - Sky News
Natalie Nougayrede, Carole Cadwalladr - The Guardian
Paul Canning – blogger with a focus on Ukraine, who has contributed to The Guardian
David Leask – Chief Reporter, Herald Scotland
Borzhou Daragahi - The Independent
There are also others named.
Three methods identifiable in the leaked documents that "Integrity Initiative" uses to disseminate propaganda and disinformation in news media are:
- Feed stories to "Integrity Initiative" project members working for news outlets who then push those stories
- Feed stories anonymously to various news outlets and hope that those outlets will run those stories
- Pay reporters by the word to write stories that "Integrity Initiative" wants to see pushed
As can be seen, not only Facebook, but US and UK mainstream media is tightly coordinated through Atlantic Council and other efforts - which means that US and UK mainstream media are state propaganda regimes.
The "Integrity Initiative" "clusters" throughout Europe are constantly working to create and push anti-Russia sentiment and government policies with manufactured propaganda narratives. They target and seek to destroy the reputation of people who don't write NATO-friendly pieces, using the GCHQ's playbook to to Infiltrate The Internet To Manipulate, Deceive, And Destroy Reputations.
Here's an "Integrity Initiative" performance report from one of the leaked documents where they sought to and achieved precisely that:
"Integrity Initiative" is also already present and increasing their presence in the US: Covert British Military-Smear Machine Moving into US
As with Atlantic Council, those operating "Integrity Initiative" don't just peddle online propaganda and disinformation, but also advocate for violent real-world actions: UK psyops bigwig pushed plan to 'mine Sevastopol Bay' during 2014 Crimea crisis – leaked documents
So, Facebook is an integrated part of US, UK, and NATO state and military propaganda - which is why Facebook has just banned several popular Facebook pages over their not disclosing that they receive funding from Russia, even though no other page on Facebook has ever been required to do such.
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Recommended Comments

8 hours ago, straight_stewie said:

I would maybe believe that if I actually saw something other than memes and anti US propaganda on Facebook...

You mean if you saw the real documents - posted in full or part form? To post them in full form would make this post at least hundreds of pages long. Would you then read all of it? Probably not. So, I've posted parts of them while giving the download links to the full items.


What you call "memes" are actually screenshots of the official "Integrity Initiative" and GCHQ documents, and one of Twitter's own statement on how they established "Russia-linked" in their investigation - and I provided download links for all of the full documents. Therefore, you have seen something other than memes, and therefore, according to your own words, the case in the OP is justified because the material is all authentic.


Also, and clearly, because the posted content is of the actual documents (and "Integrity Initiative" have confirmed that the documents are authentic, though they also later tried to remove all signs that they did so [2]), none of it is anti-US unless the programs themselves are anti-US. So, you know that the program is real, that it is doing the things mentioned in the OP, and that it is funded directly by the UK and US governments, as well as NATO and other sources.


The truth simply is. If you sense something anti about it, the disconnect would be in your own perception, and not in the truth.












Integrity: Grasping The Initiative


This is my first personal blogpost since April. At that time I referred to a ‘coordinated smear campaign’ against anti-war journalists, tweeters and academics, whose number included myself and other members of the SPM Working Group. The portrayal of us as “useful idiots” for some or other official enemy, I suggested, was evidently a strategic communication.


We now know a lot more about the coordination of that communications strategy, thanks to the recently accessed documents exposing the Institute for Statecraft’s so-called Integrity Initiative (here, here and here).


Numerous points of interest and concern emerge, one of which regards the high profile attack launched at our Working Group on the front page of The Times. Two of its authors, we learn, are named in the newly available documents. They – Deborah Haynes and Dominic Kennedy – have not so far responded to invitations to clarify their association with the “Initiative”.


What we do know from the documents is that a coordinated network was very closely following all public comments on such critical events as the Skripals poisoning in Salisbury, on which SPM produced its first Briefing Note, and the chemical attack in Douma this year, which was the focus of SPM’s second Briefing Note.


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