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AMA that's totally not copying anyone



this totally isn't an idea i stole from rorznz and arika s


ok so basically you guys ask me a question and i'll answer it

if i don't answer your question chances are i don't feel comfortable answering (i'll only ignore very personal questions)


some info:

my name is sam

i'm british

i like computers



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1 minute ago, AluminiumTech said:

What do you think of the latest Raspberry Pi's

They're good little machines for the money.

2 minutes ago, AluminiumTech said:

do you think they've solved their original purpose?

Yeah, I think so. It's very easy to code on a Raspberry Pi as long as you get taught the ropes beforehand. It does exactly what it was made to do so yeah, I think its solved its original purpose.

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10 minutes ago, RorzNZ said:

What is your favourite thing about computers? 

The hardware. Mainly the fact that I can customize a PC to however I want and make it look however I want it to look. 

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