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The reason I will not be buying any more products from Corsair



It's been only four months after parting with my hard earned money for a 32gb kit of Corsairs finest Dominator Platinum, although rather should I say they turned out not to be their finest as one of the modules broke which meant returning the whole kit, I didn't think this would be a problem as the product in question is only a few months old, and I had heard a lot of good feedback like "Corsair customer care is the best" and whilst I agree with that to some extent at the same time I feel it could be far better...

The RMA process was pretty decent as it goes but nothing much different from any other business I have dealt with, you simply contact them, send them your invoice and they give you some documents for returning the product, however one big difference with Corsair is that you will be left paying the cost for their error as you will be expected to pay the postage for your new paper weight to be sent back to them for RMA, now I would agree that is fair enough for a product covered by the lifetime warranty that is over a year old, but for a product under a year old I think that is totally unacceptable, especially when I have to send it overseas which costs even more money than a standard shipping across the same country.

Over the years I have had desktops, laptops and even stuff from eBay fail on me within a standard warranty period (usually 12 months) and I have never had to pay for the broken products to be sent back, that was all arranged and paid for by them, that is what I call excellent customer service, Corsair customer service is not excellent, it is not bad either as you can call them for free over Skype and they do offer lifetime warranty on various products but apart from this there is not really much else going for them.

I am not saying Corsair should be paying the shipping costs because of the lifetime warranty, I wouldn't expect them to pay for the shipping if my five year old RAM broke even though it had a lifetime warranty, but I just think it makes sense to pay for the shipping for a defective product which is not even a year old and has developed a problem.

At the end of the day I think Corsair needs to address this issue, because until they do I will not be dealing with them or any other company like this, and I will be making it aware to other people what they can expect should their premium priced products have a defect within the RMA. I am not a Corsair hater I have a few of their products but I just feel I have been shafted by poor quality and poor RMA and I don't want to see other people have to deal with this stuff.

Will be good to hear your views / opinions on this, and if you have had any success getting Corsair to reimburse you for shipping costs.


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This is why I never order products from over seas, I prefer to buy from local retailers, then  I can contact the store for an exchange or refund. They can send you out a new product or issue a refund and then The retailer can RMA the stock back to corsair 


I guess the problem comes when ordering over seas or direct. For example if you buy through a local store /amazon places like that, then you will not ave to pay any money for a refund/exchange or wait for the lengthy RMA process

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