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LG Mobile doesn't seem to be interested in selling phones if it repeats the V30’s launch





If you've been following the news section of the LTT Forums, you would've noticed that the LG G7 was launched. And it does look like a solid, if slightly underwhelming device. But there's one issue; lack of information on availability. 


No, see, this is a problem that's been obvious over the past few LG devices. The G5 took a long while to reach the market and some of its modules ended up not making it to North America, the V20 suffered from lack of availability info nearly a month after launch, the G6 suffered from that regional crap and the V30 suffered from the same shitty launch that plagued the V20. 


One thing that I've consistently seen from phone launches from other companies is that they have a time-line of when the device is available for purchase, whether that's an exact date or a rough time frame. LG has NOTHING. Not even a quarter. Nothing at all. 


And this is a pattern that continues even today. The G7 has no launch and pricing info, and if LG doesn't come out with them before the month is over, the G7 will already be dead on arrival. I keep saying this but it really seems that LG is entirely oblivious to their situation. Hype means nothing if the product can't be obtained by consumers. LG needs to understand that or risk being much more irrelevant 


UPDATE: More info has come out on launch, though curiously not from LG. The launch date seems to be June 1st, as confirmed by many carriers, with a South Korean launch happening slightly earlier. That’s later than expected and I wished LG would have said so earlier, but I guess it’s better than nothing?


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