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Destiny 2 - Why? 18/04/2018

Alex Colson


So as visible from the title this ones on the famous flop of a game Destiny 2 which was launched on all platforms. So what is their to rant about with destiny? Their base game is actually designed well, inventory system is clean and flush, The maps are clear and understanding, Gameplay in PVE is well and when you get use to it if your a Destiny 1 player the Crucible is alright. So what is the problem with the game? Oh right the End-Game content and content in general. 


So to start off lets talk about the End game content. Hmm wait there isn't much really, You have Public events and patrols, the weekly and daily milestones, Nightfall and the Raid. But that sounds like a decent amount of end game content. Well in retro speck it isn't purely due to a system they implemented called 'Clans'. When you in an active clan you have many members going around doing things for the clan and getting the clan reward for all members so whats the problem with this? well the system includes Raid equipment drops and not just the Tokens (which I would prefer) so people who don't do the raid will have a chance of getting a raid weapon or gear for minimum effort and to kick in the teeth of the ones who ran the raid the clan engram for the raid will drop it at a higher light level... So like I mentioned if you are in an active clan you can get these drops weekly and with less effort. 


Now what else can I talk about? well the remaining of the end game content is stale (prior to the nightfall update) nightfalls previously didn't drop specific gear for said nightfall, Public events just get repetitive and milestones are usually done within a day (excluding Raid depending on your play style) So what could they have done? Well below i'm gonna give some opinions.


1. Bring back the Daily/Weekly Campaign missions at a harder difficulties,

This can provide replay ability and also give the player another thing to do and possibly find a rare weapon only available within the Daily/Weekly campaign event... *Cough* Black Spindle *cough*


2. Add an intractable door in the tower which takes you to the last city.

So to explain this in detail the door would bring you to the last city which would have patrols that would have you clearing out the remaining cabal that are within the city, Have an area like Court of Oryx on the Dreadnaught where you must fend off a wave of Cabal attacking the city from the wall or ones heading towards the tower. It could include things like intractable AI which will give you quests or simply a different prospective of the fall to add to the already 'existent lore', and when you have explored for a while your vanguard will radio you saying that they have a reward for you when you return for helping in the repair of the last city (Daily rewards) nothing amazing maybe vanguard gear which is a light level higher than the current peace you have or randomly give you and exotic engram. 

This would give more end-game as having a court of oryx type event happen that you can start can lead to more gear to collect and well a fun massive event that more than 6 guardians can participate in.


3. Add back the Randomised weapon roles (I heard they are possibly being brought back)

This added to the end-game in a way because people would grind to get the 'perfect role' of a weapon and this would then in return improve the crucible than just seeing the Uriels Gift and all the other generic weapons that are soo so common in the Crucible. 


4. Remove the Raid gear engram from the clan post, Meaning they will not get raid gear but be given tokens for the raid vendor (Which only unlocks when you ran the raid once) So this give people the incentive to run the raid to use said tokens and will also provide players with more things to do and or raid helpers. So for this I was thinking you would need to get this drop of tokens for 3 weeks in a row to get one piece of armour/weapon form the vendor. 


Like this is minor things that could use recycled aspects of the game to make possible, You have the assets for the City already since it was used in the second mission (technically second mission) you have the script for the randomised roles on weapons from Destiny one and the same script for the daily/weekly missions


No to be fair this wasn't much of a rant but my opinion on the game and showing what I see as flaws for the hardcore area of the community 


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