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Linus Forum Tips 2.x branch



Hi there everyone :),


today i'd like to talk about the Linus Forum Tips Windows 10 app.


We've gotten to a point where the current app is usable, functions and works. However, it is; bloated, slow and doesn't adhere to many Windows 10 app creation and design recommendations.


So we're going to be keeping the Linus Forum Tips 1.x branch alive and keeping it in the store whilst we work on a re-write. This shouldn't take too long and we've already made some progress on it.


Once the re-write comes out, we will support Windows 10 Build 10586 or newer on it. People running Windows 10 Build 10240 will be stuck using the older app.


The new 2.x app builds should start to come out to the Linus Forum Tips (Beta) app sometime in January or February.


Thanks much for your support and feedback :).


If you like Linus Forum Tips then please take a moment out of your day to share it with friends.


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