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Topics created in 2013



(Almost) ALL Topics talking about having LTT/Forums app in 2013


Main post with all statistics:

2013 Stats


Total topics created: 17

Most in month: 7 (May)

Average in month: 1.4

Shortest time between: 1d 8h 23min (May 1st 18:41 - May 3rd 03:04)

Longest time between: 80d 19h 28min (Feb 8th 21:13 - May 1st 18:41)


Dec 22nd



Oct 31st



Sep 18th



Aug 22nd



July 11th

On 11.7.2013 at 4:09 PM, Windspeed36 said:

I honestly don't know how many times this has been posted. We have no plans to develop an app for Android, iOS, WP8 or BB. We do however offer Tapatalk support as well as the IPB Mobile theme.


June 21st



June 3rd



May 31st



May 27th



May 14th

On 14.5.2013 at 2:59 AM, Windspeed36 said:

For the 27th time, there is no plan t the moment to develop a mobile solution. We currently offer the IPB mobile theme and may possibly implement the use of Tapatalk.

Please use the search tool next time.


May 9th

On 9.5.2013 at 0:47 AM, Windspeed36 said:

This has been suggested time and time again. At the moment there is no plan to make a dedicated app for the forum how be we may utilise Tapatalk. For the moment though we use the stock mobile theme.


May 5th

On 5.5.2013 at 0:35 AM, Windspeed36 said:

This thread has come up dozens of times. For the moment we're using the stock IPB mobile theme. We may implement the use of Tapatalk as well however there are currently no plans to make an app.


May 3rd

On 3.5.2013 at 7:28 AM, Windspeed36 said:

There's about a dozen threads on this already. Currently we offer the stock IPB mobile forum for smart phones and are looking at implementing the use of Tapatalk. I highly doubt we will ever roll out a full mobile app as there is no need for one.



May 1st

On 1.5.2013 at 9:59 PM, Windspeed36 said:

There is currently the default mobile theme running which is okay but not ideal. There has been talk of implementing Tapatalk however nothing is confirmed.


Feb 8th




Jan 21st




Jan 3rd




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