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Linus Forum Tips (Beta) anouncement and updates



Hello all,


Firstly, I'm delighted to announce that the team working on this has grown to be  6 strong :)!


In another post I can do a "Meet the team" sort of thing.


We've done a 360 on our decision to support Windows Phone 8.1 as supporting this platform takes time away from working on the Windows 10 version (for which we have really epic and mad plans :D).


Hopefully the quality of updates improves as we've now gotten Quality Assurance testers :). We've officially started to work on an IOS port however this is gonna be a long time in the making. The Android version is still under development after hitting a few snags from the likes of Google. We're going to continue pushing out updates for the Windows 10 Edition of course.


And we've also got a new exciting version of Linus Forum Tips :D!


Linus Forum Tips (Beta) is an open beta requiring no invite or signup. We're launching it as a new app in the Windows Store although the app should functionally remain similar. We will push updated more frequently to the Beta version to allow people to check out new features and give feedback.


Please don't be afraid to Windows 10's Feedback Hub app and drop us a line! If you think something sucks then please give us constructive criticism! if you want a specific new feature, then also please suggest it!




The Linus Forum Tips (Beta) app will be launching within a few days :). Make sure to check back here to get access to it.


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