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A change in direction



Hi there,


You may or may not be aware of a change in direction recently with Linus Forum Tips. Well you should be aware that we are looking into making a few changes sometime soon.


Some changes we are making:


Re-adding basic support for Windows Phone 8.1

We recognize that a lot of people using Windows Phones are stuck using Windows Phone 8 or Windows Phone 8.1 and we're looking into offering a new app for you guys shortly. This will not be having the same level of support that the Windows 10 App will have but it will still be supported and we will try to update it as frequently as the Windows 10 App


Android App completion

We know that many of you who have Android phones have been waiting for an Android app for quite a while but rest assured we are working on one and we expect to release it soon. Once we have a workable Android version, we will release a Beta.



Recently I tried to add Advertisement support to help pay for marketing the app/spreading awareness of it. As of today, this monetization method is being scrapped.


Thanks for your continued interest and support :). All existing owners of the app will be able to continue to use the app for free.




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