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Specs Boss Multi-platform Anouncement!



Some of you may have used the initial versions of Specs Boss, be it the Alpha or Beta version. But this was always limited to using Windows due to being based off of C# .NET and AluminiumCoreLibrary (at the time anyway) being only written for C# .NET .


About a month ago, I decided that I wanted to try and port Specs Boss so that it can be multiplatform.  I did some research and my main options were either C++ or Java.


Before this, I started making AluminiumCoreLibrary multiplatform by using Java and so it made perfect sense to use the Java version of AluminimCoreLibrary to get hardware specifications.

I decided that C++ would be a little overkill for now and Java would be completely fine anyways :).


And thus I'm officially announcing Specs Boss Multiplatform. The first release of this multiplatform version will be available shortly after AluminiumCoreLibrary for Java has been completed (currently some documentation needs finishing and some code needs porting).


Thanks for you support of this project. Don't worry it's not abandoned or dead :).




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