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I can't believe it's been a year. A year since the start of Linus Forum Tips. The following behind the idea and the team that came together to voluntarily make an app out of their own pocket.


An app which has gone on to become a hit with people and has become the primary way many enjoy and experience LMG content.


From the bottom of our hearts, I'd really like to thank you, for your support throughout this entire project thus far.



We wanted to release a new version of the app around the anniversary of Linus Forum Tips but we experienced some difficulties and so that won't happen just yet. But please know that we are truly grateful for everything you have done to help support Linus Forum Tips.


Our Android app is still on the way and we'll be happy to give you Android enthusiasts a shout when it does. The IOS app is still in development and may not be out for a while.

The Windows Phone 8.1 app was cancelled due to Microsoft discontinuing support for it past June 2017. The Windows 10 app will still be compatible with Windows 10 Mobile and Windows 10 PC as well as all other devices it currently supports.


I'd also like to thank everybody on my team who has helped bring Linus Forum Tips thus far for their excellent self motivation, incredible work ethic and being amazing people.


It's been a year. I hope we'll push development of Linus Forum Tips further in the future.


Have a good one.



Until now we've been having 2 Linus Forum Tips Apps, the Stable app and the Beta app.


Today we're changing a few things.


Recently we've been in contact with Nick  and Luke from LMG, they've asked us to change a few things about our apps which we are complying with. The changes required are expected to be visible to all starting February 21st. The changes include explicitly detailing that the apps are unofficial both in the title and description of each app.



Another change we're having is second thoughts about whether LFT Beta is worthwhile and if it's just a better option to support Windows 8.x Devices. The vast majority of Windows Phone customers are still using Windows Phone 8.1. Windows 8.1 is less commonly used than Windows 10 but the userbase is still important.


Which is why starting next week, we will change the name from Linus Forum Tips (Beta) to Linus Forum Tips UWP (Unofficial). This UWP part is to ensure that everyone understands that this will be the Windows 10 app going forward.


The regular app's name will change to Linus Forum Tips (Unofficial) and we will replace the existing app builds with a Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 8.1 app. This will be 100% forward compatible with Windows 10 Devices however we do not recommend Windows 10 users continue to use this from when we provide the replacement app.


All Windows 10 Linus Forum Tips users are advised to switch to the Linus Forum Tips UWP (Unofficial) App starting from next week.

Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 users should wait until next week for the regular app to be converted to a Windows 8.x App.


I know this contradicts things we've said in the past but we think we'll stick with this for now at least.


Thank you for you continued support and understanding.


Hi there :),


today I have several things i'd like to cover in this blog. The first is that the current Windows app will not be getting new updates until the major overhaul. The next available updates for the Official Release Branch is expected in March or April 2017 whilst the Beta app will receive updates once we have a working build.


As part of the transition from Windows 10 LFT 1.x branch to the LFT Studio Feature Upgrade, the app requirements have increased in order to ensure that users have the best possible experience. We have also taken the time to make a prediction for requirements we expect from the Android and IOS apps which are coming soon.


LFT 1.x for Windows 10 Requirements:

  • Windows 10 Build 10240
  • A Microsoft account
  • 1GHz Dual core CPU
  • An internet connection
  • 1GB RAM (2GB Recommended)


Updated Requirements for LFT Studio Feature Upgrade for Windows 10 (App Coming soon)

  • Windows 10 Build 10586 or newer
  • A Microsoft account
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 Series or better, Intel Celeron or AMD x64 based Athlon or Phenom CPU or better
  • An internet connection
  • 1GB RAM for Phones or 2GB RAM for PCs (4GB Recommended) - Windows Phones with 1GB of RAM will continue to be able to use the app however it may not offer the best possible performance.


Estimated requirements for the Android app

  • Android 5.1 or newer
  • A Google Account
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 Series or better (Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 Series Recommended)
  • An internet connection
  • 1GB RAM (3GB Recommended)


Estimated requirements for the IOS app

  • IOS 10.0 or newer
  • An Apple ID + iCloud Account
  • Apple A6 SOC or newer
  • An internet connection
  • 1GB RAM (2GB Recommended)
  • iPhone support for iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 +, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S +, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 +
  • iPad support: iPad Mini 2, iPad Mini 3, iPad Mini 4, iPad with Retina Display, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Pro 12.9", iPad Pro 9.7"
  • AppleTV: 4th generation AppleTV (2015 model)


Thanks for your patience with LFT.


This will be one of the final blog posts before a highly stable LFT 2.x app launches and before the Android and IOS Apps come out.


Hello all,


Today I wanted to talk about updating. Updates are very important to developers like me or consumers like you. It's very important that you keep updating Linus Forum Tips in the Windows Store whenever there's an update.


Updating is important because we can offer cool new features, we can fix really nasty bugs or just fixing a small performance issue.


Whatever the case, we hope you continue to download updates when they're available instead of using versions known to having issues.


From our developer dashboard we recently identified that some individual(s) used an older version of our app which is known to crash. If you are not currently on the newer 1.7.x.x branch then please update to fix these issues.


All data we receive is anonymized and has no personally identifiable information whatsoever.


Please avoid all versions of LFT prior to 1.7.1 and try to update to 1.7.4 for the regular app branch and the Beta app will be receiving 1.7.7 within a few days hopefully.


On behalf of the Linus Forum Tips team,


Thank you :).








Dear fellow LTTers,


I am very happy to announce our upcoming release of Linus Forum Tips internally codenamed "Linus Forum Tips Studio" which will focus on providing the Linus Forum Tips experience on more devices such as Android, IOS and Mac, in addition to what we currently offer. We expect a full release or rollout to our Beta App in March 2017 to coincide with our first anniversary as a project. We can expect it to release to the regular app at around April 2017 assuming there are no major complications.


We have also witnessed an increased install base with our recent announcement of the "Linus Forum Tips (Beta)" app and it has surpassed our original app in terms of installs across Windows 10 Devices. We've also taken the time to bring some Quality Assurance testers on board our project to ensure smooth updates and releases going forward. We are also preparing a crowdfunding campaign to ensure that we are able to pay for IOS app publication fees, a high quality website and domain provider as well as spreading the Linus Forum Tips brand.


In addition, we have gathered more developers which will work together on the team and are currently 4 programmers strong for maintaining 2 codebases in the future. We have also considered and plan to pursue the possibility of providing Linus Forum Tips merchandise in the form of t-shirts, hoodies and mugs. We anticipate that this is where the majority of our crowdfunding income will come from.


We are committed to providing the very best experience that we are capable of with this project.


Thank you for your continued interest in Linus Forum Tips :).


If you have any questions then pls contact me via PM or on discord.


The Linus Forum Tips Team.


We've reached a problem.


We're working on 2 apps now (Linus Forum Tips and an upcoming different app focused more on the forum).

We really want your feedback and input on this!


We are conflicted as to what to do. Keep the original or have both apps co-exist under a similar name and brand identity.




Please fill this out as it will determine the outcome of this app and it's future.


Please don't make this decision in haste. The results will prevail and the truth shall be revealed.


We will announce the results once we feel we have a suitable sample size for the responses.


Thanks for all of your support so far :(. It makes me a little sad to think we may have to stop work on the original app that got everybody interested.


Hi there everyone :),


today i'd like to talk about the Linus Forum Tips Windows 10 app.


We've gotten to a point where the current app is usable, functions and works. However, it is; bloated, slow and doesn't adhere to many Windows 10 app creation and design recommendations.


So we're going to be keeping the Linus Forum Tips 1.x branch alive and keeping it in the store whilst we work on a re-write. This shouldn't take too long and we've already made some progress on it.


Once the re-write comes out, we will support Windows 10 Build 10586 or newer on it. People running Windows 10 Build 10240 will be stuck using the older app.


The new 2.x app builds should start to come out to the Linus Forum Tips (Beta) app sometime in January or February.


Thanks much for your support and feedback :).


If you like Linus Forum Tips then please take a moment out of your day to share it with friends.


Hi everyone! The Linus Forum Tips (Beta) App program is here. This is not here to replace the original FYI, see the previous post in this blog if you don't know what I'm talking about.


The Linus Forum Tips Beta App program gives fans of Linus Forum Tips an opportunity to provide early input and feedback on features and enhancements coming to the regular Linus Forum Tips App.




Hello all,


Firstly, I'm delighted to announce that the team working on this has grown to be  6 strong :)!


In another post I can do a "Meet the team" sort of thing.


We've done a 360 on our decision to support Windows Phone 8.1 as supporting this platform takes time away from working on the Windows 10 version (for which we have really epic and mad plans :D).


Hopefully the quality of updates improves as we've now gotten Quality Assurance testers :). We've officially started to work on an IOS port however this is gonna be a long time in the making. The Android version is still under development after hitting a few snags from the likes of Google. We're going to continue pushing out updates for the Windows 10 Edition of course.


And we've also got a new exciting version of Linus Forum Tips :D!


Linus Forum Tips (Beta) is an open beta requiring no invite or signup. We're launching it as a new app in the Windows Store although the app should functionally remain similar. We will push updated more frequently to the Beta version to allow people to check out new features and give feedback.


Please don't be afraid to Windows 10's Feedback Hub app and drop us a line! If you think something sucks then please give us constructive criticism! if you want a specific new feature, then also please suggest it!




The Linus Forum Tips (Beta) app will be launching within a few days :). Make sure to check back here to get access to it.


Hi there,


You may or may not be aware of a change in direction recently with Linus Forum Tips. Well you should be aware that we are looking into making a few changes sometime soon.


Some changes we are making:


Re-adding basic support for Windows Phone 8.1

We recognize that a lot of people using Windows Phones are stuck using Windows Phone 8 or Windows Phone 8.1 and we're looking into offering a new app for you guys shortly. This will not be having the same level of support that the Windows 10 App will have but it will still be supported and we will try to update it as frequently as the Windows 10 App


Android App completion

We know that many of you who have Android phones have been waiting for an Android app for quite a while but rest assured we are working on one and we expect to release it soon. Once we have a workable Android version, we will release a Beta.



Recently I tried to add Advertisement support to help pay for marketing the app/spreading awareness of it. As of today, this monetization method is being scrapped.


Thanks for your continued interest and support :). All existing owners of the app will be able to continue to use the app for free.




I hate to have to be negative and to say things that others may not want to hear. You may find the first part boring, but bear with me.


I know that there are people in the Linus Tech Tips community which use the "Linus Forum Tips" app. I know that the majority of people using the app are between the ages of 18 and 24. I know that on any given day, between 2 and 40 people use the app. I know that people on average use the app twice per day. I know that the majority of users are using an old version of Linus Forum Tips instead of the newer updates.

I know all this and yet I didn't know when to take action.


Linus Forum Tips' growth has significantly slowed and is worrying. 



User behavior is erratic at best and is unpredictable at worst.

user behavior.PNG


By this point, you're wondering what the punchline is. Well here it is. I want to introduce advertisements into Linus Forum Tips for a few reasons. The first being that this will allow me to spend money on marketing the app more. The second reason is that I can support other apps made by the community by running community ADs in my app. And by doing so, ADs for Linus Forum Tips can also appear in other apps which utilize the community ADs system.


This will most likely be implemented by the end of the year. If you wish to not see ANY Ads, there will be an option to pay to remove Advertisements.


I know this may feel like a stab in the back. And that's why, when the update with this comes around, I will offer 1 month of AD free Linus Forum Tips for existing users. Leading on from this, Windows 10 build 10240 support will be discontinued one month after the upcoming Windows 10 Creators update is released.


Thanks for your patience and co-operation. I know this isn't something you aren't looking forward to. I wouldn't haven't decided to do this if I thought there was another way.




Hi guys,


I wanted to let you guys know about the upcoming 1.4.6 update which will fix an annoying Live Tile bug.



Firstly, I'm fixing a big where the Live Tile was partially transparent instead of fully gray and orange xD.


Secondly, I may be adding some cool new (I think they're cool :D) icons to replace the current ones in the hamburger menu.


(These are the icons I'm talking about)



1.4.6 will be available today to Linus Forum Tips Beta Testers. You can signup for beta testing by sending me a PM with your MS account email address.


Thanks for your continued support of this project :).



So I've put out an update 1.4.5 for the Windows 10 version to address the lack of native x64 support (derpy moment) so that should be in the store in a few days.


I also wanted to talk about the next major update 1.5. That update is going to add some new icons to make distinguishing between the sections more easy and so it's more easy to tell which section you want to go to without having to open the navigation menu.


As for when that'll be done, I don't know but I'll update you once it is done or close to it :).


So I found this section and decided it might be cool to talk about Linus Forum Tips Development with you guys.


So far the app works mostly fine with some bugs but some friends and I are working on making it better and porting it to Android.


Hopefully that can be done in around 1-2 months.


The Windows 10 App needs more screenshots though and is also being made from scratch.


I wanna be able to support ARM, x86 and x64 systems.


Hopefully I won't have to make too much change when it is available for the Xbox One in the end of July.


Yeah. Within a month expect some kind of new entry where I talk about the Windows 10 re-write of the app.


Hope you enjoyed. :).