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About this blog

This is the blog where I will post the daily updates for The Summer Folding Sprint of 2020, this is where you can come to see stats, predictions, prize allocations and commentary; all in one easy to digest place.


This is a short folding event leading up to the summer solstice in the northern-hemisphere. It will run from the 13th to the 19th of June. 

Entries in this blog


Award Ceremony

Alright guys, sorry that this took so long, but find below the sheet link with the final ranks and prizes. You have one week, until Sunday 28th, 23:59BST to claim your prize, if you miss this cut off then the prize will be added to the community pool for future events.    To claim the prize you need to message me with the Subject line, 'Gimme dat sick prize' Also please include your rank from the sheet to make it easier for me to find you and confirm you are a winner of a prize. 

Day Five - The Final Sprint

Ranks for day six!   Rank LTT Forum Name Todays Points Event Points Days Percentage Event Percentage 1 Macaw2000 42475151 254218282 14.17% 16.85% 2 Unilevers 23674342 125595647 7.90% 8.33% 3 rodarkone

Day Four - He's a maniac 🎶

Rankiedoodles    Rank LTT Forum Name Todays Points Event Points Days Percentage Event Percentage 1 Macaw2000 43594100 211743131 13.98% 17.52% 2 Unilevers 24628425 101921305 7.90% 8.43% 3 rodarkone

Day Two - If you can't stand the heat...

Sigh, It's been a long two days(and that doesn't even include the event. I was hoping to have a full blog post for you than this, but damn am I pooped!   Find the ranks below, this is all you're getting lol.   Oh and, Stay safe folks.   Rank LTT Forum Name Todays Points Event Points Days Percentage Event Percentage 1 Macaw2000

Day One - It's getting hot in here... Ahem...

As many of you know, I am still recovering from my recent medical issues so I will keep this brief.    I'm going to pass on my usual commentary, instead I am once again going to talk about the importance of what we are doing here. I think sometimes we can forget, getting lost on all the competition and events that we are assisting with medical research. The time that we spend here, suffering from the heat could help many people some day, be that cancers, neurological issues, COVID or a

Prelude III

And her is the list of participants, you have until 12:00BST to ask for correction. That is 11 hours.    Forum Username Folding Name Notes 1_800_fuqme 1_800_fuqme no folding badge A-Kun A-Kun   aaronbsavage AaronBSavage No Folding Badge angulo2099 AntonioAngulo  

Prelude II

Well guys, all the drama going on will not stop this folding train!!!   please find below the list of current sign ups with notes, some of the notes are important, others are not, but just check it anyway! PLEASE double check spelling and be advised that they are case sensitive.      If you notice any issues, go to this thread and report it: https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/1204086-folding-sprint-2020-correction-thread/   Happy folding,   spec.


It is once again my pleasure to be bringing to you all The Summer Folding Sprint!   As is customary I will be writing a daily blog so everyone can follow along, there will be prizes, fun, science and heat!   Last folding sprint we aimed to reach rank 10, we missed that goal, but now, we stand tall and proud, sitting 3rd on the leaderboard of the world.    First I would like to thank everyone once again for taking part in the Emergency Folding Event, our own small ac