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About this blog

A rant blog about a CIS student/Programmer\"Gamedev"

If you want to hear just tech opinions, rambling, and stories 

// This is for you//

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My first year in CIS college (4 year)

My first year was nothing like I expected. I'm not going to name my Uni, out of respect.   First off, CIS is not Computer Science. They are 2 math classes away from being the same. So I went in thinking of Computer Scientists like Wozniak and videos from the likes of LTT; but I was very far from reality. I was met with the reality that CIS (at our Uni) is a very small program. The lower amount of students means instead of working on Xeon servers and Alienwares, you work on Optiplex towers. Compared to our local community college where CIS has its own building, with VIC 20's and XPS machines on display; My college gets one dedicated classroom and a broom closet* for CIS. The classroom is large, but cramped (making pacing to reduce my anxiety a challenge) The CIS program is still using Windows 7, but that is about to change. The classroom has giant hardwood workbenches, that Linus would be proud of, until you realize that they are also the computer desks. The classroom works, since there is only about 30 of us in the major.    The broom closet* is home to ACM and NCL, which are computer clubs. NCL is huge on campus, but is kinda like a cybersecurity cult. Most of the popular kids are in NCL and the rejects are in ACM (a hardware club that is in reality a repair business) The broom closet often triples as tutoring for the CIS kids. *Its probably like 2 or 3 broom closets big   As for the classes I took, here was my course load  (150) The intro class: You learn a lot about basic concepts of computing, such as Moore's Law, QWERTY. Ultrabook vs Netbook, etc. The professor often brought things such as carphones, IBM bits, and other trinkets. It was pretty easy, but I had some issues outside of academics. I began to "date" a girl in the class from Asia, so her english was not the best. So I ended up tutoring this girl (for free), since the tutors did not understand her accent. The professor, really didn't like me or her, so we kinda were sanctioned in the class often. The professor had told me to stop raising my hand to his questions as I knew all the answers already. This lead to a constant awkward rant, since no-one would answer. He also didn't grade my Midterm or Final which lead to me getting a 'C', after talking to campus staff, he turned it to a 'B'.  (185) IT A+ / Hardware class: You learn a lot about outdated hardware. At best, the information is 4 years old, at worst it's 8-10 years old. The same professor as 150 taught this class, so i was in for a ride. The book used has a lot of misinformation (like that SLI works for every game, showing Mini DP on an old Mac instead of Displayport, some other mislabeling, etc) but it was useful enough. The hands on aspect of this class was a few labs. A laptop lab, a HDD lab (With HDDS that have been poorly taken apart many times. // This wasn't DriveSavers), and 2 Dell Optiplex labs. It as fun to play with hardware. The professor got on me once for thinking a Wifi card was soldered, and proceed to roast me during lab. This was my favorite class of all I took, and I got an A. (171) JAVA I: I had never programmed going into this, so i'm surprised I even got a B. There is a different professor for this class. He was a software developer for years and has A Phd. Overall, hes a good teacher, but he teaches very old fashioned. He wants you to calculate hexadecimals and binary numbers, just with scratch paper. He has lots of great stories about developing iOS apps with students overseas, and he is very friendly. He would be a guy I would crack one open with (if I drank). He will ask you questions if you talk in class, so communicate via Text or Snapchat with your deskmates. He was willing to help you with any question if you emailed. This was a great class, I just hate Java, but the teacher supports you learning different languages.  Now the girls.  The girls in our CIS program, are not the kinda girls you watch The Notebook with. They are very odd. They are the kinda girls that post on 4chan and watch Blade Runner. The main problem is, since there is only 5 or so girls in the class, most of them are already in relationships. The ones that aren't often have good reasons for being celibate, outside of religion. My chances with all of them are non-existent, but it was worth a shot.   Sorry if this was a bit long, I plan on doing smaller updates during the semester coming up        
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