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About this blog

Welcome! Just documenting me hustling used parts, and earning some money to make a LTT themed build :)

Entries in this blog


X3440 Build - Mobo is dead?

Well... I figured out something. The RAM wasn't dead. The motherboard probably is.   Tomorrow I'll be heading to Freegeek to pick up another H55 board and CPU. I need H55 boards anyway, so if it turns out it's working, then whatever.   In other news, I bought 4GB more RAM to even it out.

X3440 RAM Acquisition

Went to North Van to buy RAM today. 16GB for C$60, or around 33 GBP.   Bought it off some hypebeast wearing the latest nonsense lol. So, basically just your typical North Van teen.   Will have pictures in my later blog post.

X3440 - Further Advancement

Got a hard drive today. Here's a random pic of the train ride there.   Also, the X3440 flip I've been working on is mostly assembled. I don't have the X3440 yet; that's why the stock cooler has messy wiring.   I need a USB 3 to USB 2 header adapter. Hopefully the one I ordered off eBay from a local seller, same city, will come in soon.   What do y'all think about a FX flip? They usually come with good amounts of RAM, which I need, so it's something I'm looking into.  

X3440 Build

First build that's on here:   Xeon X3440 - $25 8GB DDR3 (Part of the 16GB kit) - $25 H55M-S2H (With i3-530) - $35 GTX 1060 3GB - $100 Kingston A400 120GB - $28 Seagate 1TB HDD - $20 Antec Earthwatts Green 500W - $40  Kopplen N51 - $53 (New)   I'm currently waiting for the Xeon to arrive. In the meantime, I'm just using the i3.   I'll be documenting pickups, how I get them and just fun image posts of getting the parts in the future.   The Kopplen N51 is a terrible case to work in. Please remind me on that in the future.