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About this blog

The blog of the releases and updates to my team's main project. 

Entries in this blog


Version 0.2.7 TRIO

ABOUT Release TRIO is a pre-release that we have worked on since 01/16/18. We still haven't finished the program, which uses HTML, but we are constantly working on it. When we have free time, we get our computers and start to work on this. Release version 0.2.8 should be up very soon.    FEATURES The HTML program, as of TRIO release, has built in audio playing straight from the page without opening a new tab, embedded videos straight from our drives (There was some TechQuickie in there, but due to GitHub size limitations, the videos did not show up), PDF file viewing (still working on embed codes, they keep messing up), and Nav bars?(team idea)   SUPPORTED DEVICES  So far, we have found every device to support it, but if you have an android Root server, music links may not open.   LINK https://github.com/HpTechTips/Removable-HTML5-File-Explorer



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