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About this blog

This is my LTT blog of one of my programs called Specs Boss.

Entries in this blog


Hi everybody,


after having spent some time on Specs Boss Multi-platform for a while, I can say with confidence that the initial release will be Windows only (ironic I know) but this is necessary since the Mac and Linux versions are taking a lot longer than expected.


The initial release should come out Sometime in January of February. The Linux and Mac builds shall follow shortly after that.


thanks for your patience and co-operation. I hope to get feedback from the a preview build soon enough.








Some of you may have used the initial versions of Specs Boss, be it the Alpha or Beta version. But this was always limited to using Windows due to being based off of C# .NET and AluminiumCoreLibrary (at the time anyway) being only written for C# .NET .


About a month ago, I decided that I wanted to try and port Specs Boss so that it can be multiplatform.  I did some research and my main options were either C++ or Java.


Before this, I started making AluminiumCoreLibrary multiplatform by using Java and so it made perfect sense to use the Java version of AluminimCoreLibrary to get hardware specifications.

I decided that C++ would be a little overkill for now and Java would be completely fine anyways :).


And thus I'm officially announcing Specs Boss Multiplatform. The first release of this multiplatform version will be available shortly after AluminiumCoreLibrary for Java has been completed (currently some documentation needs finishing and some code needs porting).


Thanks for you support of this project. Don't worry it's not abandoned or dead :).




Beta Stage

Hi guys,

I wanted to update this blog since you may not know.


A few things have happened:

  • Specs Boss has undergone numerous visual and design changes. (Screenshots and more to come in the next blog entry)
  • It's entered Beta Stage of development and is undergoing quite a few changes.
  • There is no longer an official "Insider Preview" version released on GitHub. But in the future I will post previews here with a pre-release version.
  • More interest from people on the forum - Since the Alpha versions, the following behind Specs Boss has increased and it is becoming more popular every week.


The next version, Beta 1.2, will come out within 1-2 weeks.


That's it for now.


As usual, here is the link to the project -


Thanks for your interest in Specs Boss :).


Hi guys,

I've noticed that some of you have taken an interest in my Resource Monitor program and so I decided to make an LTT blog about it.


First off, I'm changing the system for downloading it.


You can (in the future) pick between Insider Preview builds OR Stable Builds. Stable builds will just contain a version number while Insider Preview builds will contain the prefix "Insider Preview" followed by the version number.


This is so that I can test out new features at a much faster rate while still allowing stable builds for most users. Stable builds will typically released a lot less frequently than Insider Preview builds. Insider preview builds will probably be released once or twice a week.


I've changed the way I come up with a version number And I've released my first Insider Preview build which is 2017.0.8 . From this, you can see that the official release is targeted at 2017 and that the build is build 8.


So, have fun :). Report bugs  or any feature suggestions on the GitHub Issues page if you have any and if you do then please specify what version or build you're using.


Here's the new Insider Preview build -


Thanks for supporting this project :).


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