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  1. This post might be more popular with the older crowd. Many of these items were in a moving box within smaller boxes, this ended up being a mess to sort through for disposal and potential re-use. Decided upon less photos as some vintage computing users might go nuts seeing a stack of 5.25 floppies in a disposal pile. I don't throw out failed 5.25 floppies, they're re-used for art or custom CD cases for indie bands.


    Found a box of floppies in various sizes, if I recall that 3M 500K floppy was from a set of disks I used in childhood sometime around the C64/Apple II era and those McAfee VirusScan disks were when my school had a virus outbreak in their Novell WordPerfect PC lab--why I kept that floppy set, they can be erased and reused like I've done with past AOL floppies. In another bin I had even more Double-Density 720K floppies that are packed to be shipped to the UK, a friend still uses my old Amiga 1200.




    It was common to use portable HDD cartridges by SyQuest which were really Conner platters in a cartridge with just a single usable magnetic side, the EzFlyer 135 MB was designed to compete with the Iomega Zip and the 230 MB drive made removable storage affordable($30 back in 1996, 135 MB cartridges were reasonable at $15). SyQuest drives were unique as they ran between 3200-4000 RPM depending upon the series/generation(they made 5.25" & 3.5" cartridge drives), plenty fast enough for MIDI synth audio banks/recording your own mix arrangements, in graphic design they were common to transfer files without lugging a heavy external SCSI or Parallel Port HDD around, I actually used cartridges to boot minimal installs of DOS+Windows and MacOS 7.6(PowerMac 7300) if I needed to run a program which wanted more memory.  Reliability of SyQuest pre-SparQ were reasonable, however the SparQ like SyJet was prone to head crashes destroying any inserted storage media which were just as bad as Iomega's Zip click-of-death killing Zip cartridges--SyQuest went bankrupt in 1998, ex-SyQuest engineers later formed Castlewood to release the Orb which suffered a similar reliability nightmare.



    An old 1GB Western Digital drive, last I recall this drive was pulled from my 486 in 1997 and last spun up in 2002 in a Pentium III... more of a desk paperweight which I originally planned to reuse the platters for a turbine project. Drives after 2003 shifted to glass platters, I think Western Digital was the last to stop using metal platters--encountered a few 80-120GB drives with older platters built in 2004.



    When the underside of drives were still exposed and at risk of damage if you weren't careful...



    30-Pin RAM: Haven't actively supported any system using this RAM since 2002, these are my leftover test bench sticks. At one point I had over 80 1MB sticks, thankfully vintage computing allowed that stockpile to shrink. Most unlikely clients I've had were Ham Radio operators using old systems for custom controllers handling automated analog/digital recording deck solutions.



  2. I'm sick to death of people telling me "if it was so easy, the game devs would have done it by now. They know better than you do."


    Here is visible, incontrovertible proof that the games industry can get a huge boost from taking advantage of SIMD today, especially when games require Sandy Bridge or later hardware (meaning AVX is available, but not AVX2 for our purposes).


    First Example: Mesh Transform By Translation Using AVX Intrinsics


    Example updated and trimmed for readability.

    #include <cstdalign>
    #include <iostream>
    #include <chrono>
    #include <ctime>
    #include <x86intrin.h>
    //Size chosen because 30,000 triangles is considered medium-high for modern prominent characters
    const uint size = 90000;
    alignas(32) const float Mat3T[8]    = {1.0f, 2.0f, 3.0f, 1.0f,
                                           2.0f, 3.0f, 1.0f, 2.0f};
    alignas(32)       float Mesh[size]  = {};
    void translate_scalar(float *Mesh, const float *translation, const int length)
      for(uint i = 0; i < length; i+=3)
        Mesh[i]   += translation[0];
        Mesh[i+1] += translation[1];
        Mesh[i+2] += translation[2];
    void translate_vector(float *Mesh, const float *translation, const uint length)
      __m256 trans = _mm256_load_ps(translation);
      //we stay 8 ahead in count so we don't go out of bounds
      uint i = 7;
      for(; i < length; i += 8, Mesh += 8)
        __m256 verts = _mm256_load_ps(Mesh);
        verts        = _mm256_add_ps(verts, trans);
        _mm256_store_ps(Mesh, verts);
        trans = _mm256_permute_ps(trans, _MM_SHUFFLE(2, 1, 0, 2));
      //Cleanup loop for cases where length is not a multiple of 8
      uint diff = 8 - (i - length);
      if( diff != 0)
        float temp[8] = {};
        _mm256_store_ps(temp, trans);
        //for(uint j = 0; j < diff; ++j) { Mesh[j] += temp[j]; }
        while(diff != 0)
          *Mesh += temp[7-diff];
    int main()
      using namespace std::chrono;
      std::cout << "Mesh size in floats: " << size << "\n";
      high_resolution_clock::time_point start, end;
      start = high_resolution_clock::now();
      translate_scalar(Mesh, Mat3T, size);
      end = high_resolution_clock::now();
      duration<double> time_span = duration_cast<duration<double>>(end - start);
      std::cout << "Scalar translation took " << time_span.count() << "s\n";
      start = high_resolution_clock::now();
      translate_vector(Mesh, Mat3T, size);
      end = high_resolution_clock::now();
      duration<double> time_span2 = duration_cast<duration<double>>(end - start);
      std::cout << "Vector translation took " << time_span2.count() << "s\n";
      /*//This will double-check your work.
      for(uint i = 0; i < size; i += 3)
        std::cout << Mesh[i] << ", " << Mesh[i+1] << ", " << Mesh[i+2] << "\n";



    My average timings and variance for a 4960HQ on my Macbook Pro Retina under Fedora 24, latest kernel as of 10/15/2016:

    Compiler: Clang++ 3.8.0

    Flags:      -std=c++14 -O3 -march=native

    Mesh size in floats: 90000
    Scalar translation took 6.08489e-04s +- 0.11032e-04s
    Vector translation took 5.82480e-05s +- 0.14391e-05s


    The short of it is you can write tighter, denser loops with a little bit of effort. While the latency for each vector add is 3 cycles and each multiplication is 5, multiple iterations can be in flight at once on a single thread. The throughput for the vectorized version is 8x the scalar version without any unrolling. Thus, the loop can also easily fit into the small loop detector which can shave off some cycles due to prefetch removal and result forwarding between iterations. Assuming you don't run out of memory bandwidth, you can actually do other tasks on this same core without using hyper threading as long as they do not depend on the result of the mesh manipulation. Looking at the SB block diagram, with each clock achieving both an 8-wide vector multiplication and 8-wide vector addition, you can achieve more than 50GFlops per core on a 2600K, but the memory bandwidth will not allow you to load and store the results as quickly as you can request and produce them at a rate of 50GB/s without high-end dual-channel DDR3 or a quad-channel configuration. It would be best to use a C++ 17 stack-less resumable function to encapsulate this and do short bursts of another task when more than 3 L3 cache misses happen in a row (this can be tracked with a hardware profiler to determine optimal burst lengths).


    If there is interest, I can go into nuances of leveraging vectorization techniques in conjunction with other data transforms relevant to gaming (though I'm not giving away my AVX ray tracer). I can also look into benchmarking multicore use of this and balancing it out against other tasks to achieve best performance for a given configuration.

  3. Picture with actual parts instead of a drawing...


  4. nvidia-logo.pngintel-inside-2013.pngamd-logo.png


    …is a pretty unique one. Let me explain.


    When I was a child, I would entertain myself with all sorts of PC games. My favourites were old ones – usually, they were W2K-compatible – including RollerCoaster Tycoon 2, Age of Empires I and II, Pharaoh/Cleopatra, Caesar III, and a few other ones I can’t remember. As I grew older, I started programming, and gradually outgrew video games; the more I learned about computers, the less interest I had in games.




    Throughout all of this time, there was no such thing as a “gaming PC” to me. Never heard that in my life back then. I had a relative who built PCs, and I thought that was real cool when I was young, but I was still afraid of it all and unsure so I stayed away. By the time I became educated enough to build a PC, Haswell was the here-and-now, and my interest in gaming was almost out the window… almost. I knew what a GPU was and all, but I never had a need for one!




    As the years waned on, I learned more and more about the Internet, and learned how to protect my identity and privacy OTI. I started using GNU/Linux more and more frequently, still only playing games on Windows on occasion. Finally, in 2014 I quit using Windows altogether, and with it my gaming habits took another deathly blow. As the dust settled, and as Broadwell hit the market (better late than never), ideas about what I really wanted out of my system began to form.




    Broadwell put a whole new light in my eyes, for what a good system running Linux could be. Because of the current state of affairs with dedicated GPU (dGPU) drivers being a deplorable mess on our operating system (see this image for details), and the fact that the only good drivers on Linux were Intel’s, I knew I had no choice but to choose Intel for my GPU needs. It was like a match made in heaven: with how little I played video games being sated by an Iris Pro iGPU, on top of having 128MiB of L4 cache plus an unlocked design and four hyperthreaded cores with VT-x and VT-d… it was all I could ask for.




    …but sadly, Broadwell and I were not meant to be. The LGA 1150 platform was on its way out, along with DDR3 and the rest of the Haswell-era junk. I wanted something new, running fast DDR4 DIMMs with large capacities and good speeds, and I wanted a Skylake chip for sure. Skylake… it was such a pristine name to grace my ears. I had to have it. And so, piecing a build together over the course of a few months, I finally built Henen-nesw, a working tractor beam Skylake PC running a Core i3 with Intel HD graphics. Later on I was enticed by rumours of the next step in Intel’s lineup—Kaby Lake—having SKUs built like Broadwell but with all of the modern amenities that Skylake had. And at that point… I was set for Kaby Lake-S Iris Pro.




    …Now, all this time I haven’t said one word about that NIC. Why? Well, I thought I’d save it for my loyal readers, who push through to the end! Mwahahaha! Thank you!


    So I’ve gone over how in love I am with Intel’s soon-to-be-released Kaby Lake Iris Pro graphics. We all know at this point that I simply have no use for Nvidia’s or AMD’s dGPUs at all on the mainstream. But I’ll tell you, while I won’t spend $250 on a dGPU, I will spend $250 on a network card.


    But why?


    Interestingly enough, Google Fiber (yes, fibre optics) is under construction right now in our metro! And I would love more than anything to get the best internet speeds and even greater speeds on my intranet, enjoying over 1 gigabyte per second locally, and 1 gigabit per second through the tubes. Google Fiber has even put our suburb specifically on the map, too! And considering our unique location for running cables, Google may cut us some slack and let us sign up just for that.

    One can only hope, right?





  5. Train Your Mind To feel confident about the ability you have

     One of the worst things we do to feel bad about our self is that we demotivate ourselves by saying that we cannot perform a particular time, and we are unable to do it because of a number of disadvantages in ourselves.

     This means that we have lost the fight even before we make an attempt to win it.

     If you do so, you will not only lose the fight but also lose self-confidence. The latter will shatter you, and you will have no opportunity to get up and fight again. Losing self-confidence is one of the biggest mistakes we make, and if we continue to do so, we will be no better than a dead person. Understand this point and make sure that you start looking for ways in which you replace your negative thoughts with positive ones.

     One of the biggest advantages you get while staying positive is that you creatively start looking for ways in which you can achieve a particular goal and be happy about the achievement you have achieved on your own.

     So stop forcing yourself to think that you cannot do it and start looking for ways in which you can do it.

     Please note that we are talking about the positive things that should be taken up by an individual on a regular basis. Any act that makes you negative or is illegal should not be encouraged.


    Stay healthy

     It is important to stay healthy because a healthy body will help you synced with a healthy and Happy mind. There are so many ways in which you can stay healthy, and one of the ways in which you can do so is by choosing healthy snacks to fill your tummy. This is important for all of us because a healthy body helps us stay positive and feel good about the decisions we are about to make. Moreover, it helps us think about savings. Yes, we save money by staying healthy. We save money by not making a visit to the doctors clinic to pay him fees for your treatment. You do not waste your money on medicines and Important operations that might be necessary if you are not healthy.

     This is one of the reasons because of which we urge you to stay healthy throughout your life.


    Don't wait until the last minute

     This is an issue for most of us because we make the mistake of keeping a number of things for the last minute. This is not a good thing to do because if you do so, you will have to face a number of issues and you will not be happy with the ways in which things procedure. This is because it is possible that you might feel the need to carry out an additional task which was not planned earlier. In this case, everything will be in a mess, and you will not be happy with the result.

     So make it a point to be sure that you do not leave anything for the last minute.


    Free up your mind

     it is important to get rid of unnecessary thoughts that are occupying space in your mind and preventing you from working on things you should be working on. Focus is important, and we all know it. If you have unnecessary thoughts occupying your mind, you will not be in a position to focus on productive tasks that can help you get rid of problems that are being faced by you in life.


    Take up a course that creates interest in your mind

     This can be a difficult option for those who have never found interest in completing the course they have opted for. Please note that opting for such courses should be directly linked to your business growth.

    The best part is that there are so many business related courses available for learners that you'll definitely end up choosing at least one course.

    The important points relating to the chosen course are noted below.

    1.    It should help your business grow. If you are working for someone, the course should either help you shift to the desired business cycle or improve your chances of promotion.

    2.    The course should not take up too much time of your schedule. If the course requires you to spend too many hours on a daily or weekly basis, your routine will be disturbed. We are sure that you do not want that to happen. So, be careful about this point.

    3.    Don’t opt for more than one course at a time. If you choose more than one course at a time, you'll end up messing yourself, and you might not finish even one of the many courses you have opted for. So, do not make this mistake.


    Take some time out for yourself

    You are working hard, and you should be rewarded for your efforts. One of the ways in which you case reward yourself is by taking some time out for yourself.

    You can achieve this by moving out of your stressed zone and traveling to a place that keeps you peaceful or simply rest for some time.

    Traveling to a place that keeps you peaceful is a great idea because you'll be able to calm down your worries and get back on track with a fresh mind.

    Have a plan to travel on a budget? Make sure that you get an amazing discount on the same by simply completing your bookings from hotel booking sites like Travel Ticker. So, start looking for it and get amazing deals on the same.

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    @Hackentosher Gave me another idea for a project. Designing a case. This would be awesome for learning CAD and to use sketchup. I also forgot to add Eclipse Engine to my project list!


    Project 5: Custom case

    Project 6: Eclipse Engine I 

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    Dell OptiPlex 3020 Small Form Factor with Windows 7 Pro, Intel Core i5 processor, 4GB memory and 500GB hard drive for only $499. Plus, free shipping


  7. So I totally forgot about this blog! here is a link to my google drive with pics of my current setup https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B_HGP6-H6_CMWDlQVG5rVGhCQ2c

  8. Resources:


    PC and VM- Yes

    Windows 95 ISO- Will be using Win95 Beta


    Installing right now.

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    Cpus are a hard choice.

    Doesnt servers work good with multiple cores? probably yes,

    so i want to see what will work,

    Pentuim G440 or Used  E5-2670 (no v2 or 3)

    Both similarly priced.

    Also memory and a motherboard with do. just need to look for one.

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    Most people describe Beats as either overpriced or that they sound awful. Two things statements in that sentence, "overpriced, and "sound awful", need to be addressed. Consumers say that Beats is overpriced, but compared to what? You can't say something is overpriced unless you can compare it to something that has a better value than what you are calling overpriced. Secondly, people say that Beats sound terrible simple because the music they listen to doesn't fit the sound signature that Beats implements in their headphones. I'm not trying to defend Beats nor am I trying to rant about them what I'm trying to say is that sound is subjective and what may sound good to one person, may sound like total shit to another person. I don't personally like Beats by Dre because the music I listen to doesn't go well with the Beats sound signature and that the bass is overpowering but I have a friend who listens to a lot of bass heavy music who owns a pair of Razer Kraken headphones who would love the way Beats sound. I tell him that he would love a pair but he says he doesn't want to spend an additional 150 plus dollars on another pair of headphones which brings me to my next point. Yes Beats are not cheap but there is a big reason why. If you go around asking people about headphone brands they've heard about most people would most likely bring up Beats. There's two causes for this. One, Dr. Dre. put his name one them. Dr. Dre, as we all know is a very famous artist. Since, Dr. Dre endorsed this headphone brand, people figured oh, if he makes these headphones then they have to be good. The second cause is this, Beats spends a ton of money of packaging, and advertisement. Beats, I'd be willing to bet, costs less than 200 dollars is parts to make but many of them cost over twice as much. If you go around asking people if they have heard of brands like Audio Technica or Sennheiser most consumers would probably say no. That's because Beats spend a ton of money on marketing to get their name out there. Beats also spend a ton of money on packaging. I got a pair of Beats and returned them after a week. The unboxing experience was probably the best unboxing I had for a pair of headphones. As a result Beats owns over 64% of the headphone market. That is HUGE. Beats are also extremely well built and look "great" (looks are subjective). It seems that Beats does everything so well except the sound according to most people. In the end when you are in the market for a pair of headphones choose your price range, and what you care more about, sound or build quality and looks. That's all I have to say. In Linus Tech Tip outro fashion, like this blog if you liked, dislike it if you disliked it (wait you can't dislike posts here), leave a comment if your feelings are mixed and don't forget to subscribe (but why would you :)).   

  9. So I got a PowerBook G4. Yay! Only problem is, Mac OS X 10.5.8 is just borderline useful in 2016, especially on a PowerPC machine with 512MB RAM. That, and I grew frustrated with the way how Mac OS X is designed. So, I decided to install Linux on it. Here's how things went down:

    • Downloaded Ubuntu MATE 15.10 PowerPC ISO
    • Wrote it to an 8GB flash drive using LiLi
    • Tried booting to it, it wouldn't boot
    • Tried using the Mini ISO instead
    • Mini ISO was missing a lot of things
    • When I finally got it working, it was missing a lot of kernel modules (among other things) and was incredibly slow, almost slower than Mac OS X was; it was also extremely prone to breaking
    • Finally figure out what I was doing wrong, used dd to write the ISO to the flash drive instead of LiLi and it booted
    • Installed Ubuntu graphically, after working around a bug I encountered early on in my adventure that causes Ubuntu to crash if I don't type "radeon.agpmode=-1" into the yaboot prompt when booting or yaboot.conf file
    • Using nano in a tty, I added "radeon.agpmode=-1" to yaboot.conf, updated the boot partition and rebooted to keep it from crashing
    • Couldn't get wireless working, still used Ethernet for internetting
    • Got sound working by editing the config files and alsamixer in a terminal
    • Still couldn't get wireless working, put in an 802.11g PC Card into the PCMCIA slot instead


    And now I have a more useful PowerBook G4. Runs much better than OS X did, too, and it'll run even better when I upgrade it to 2GB RAM. Maybe an SSD too... but getting to this point took so friggin' long and I'm glad it's over.



  10. I'm a bit late but I have been studying a lot in my spare time in order to meet my schedule, so please forgive me for my lateness. Anyways.........!


    Now the book I am using to study this with has a "skip" section on the handwriting section if your aim is to just read/speak it, but if you wish to persist through this too, I've taken some sample shots of the pages' instructions. If you need clearer images, I went ahead and googled some more references for you that you can get to by clicking the title of the Spoiler Tag. All of the Handwriting section will be under a spoiler, since by itself it is huge and because it is skippable.

    ~Russian Handwriting~
















    Yup. That's the end of that. Feel free to practice it!



    More on Russian Pronunciation: Stress


    Just like in English (or many other languages) some syllables in Russian are pronounced more prominently than others. In English, for example, consider the differences of "Phótograph" and "Photógraphy". If you don't know the differences of the words, pronounce each carefully. Notice how in "Phótograph" you put more emphasis on the first syllable? And in the second word "Photógraphy" the stress is marked on the second syllable. Stress in Linguistics is signaled by an increased loudness, vowel length, full articulation of a vowel, and changes in pitch. If you need more information on syllables and stress, please consider looking into the links I have provided at the bottom of this entry under "Resources".


    Continuing on: In Russian, normal writing does not mark stress visually, just like in English, so it is important to learn the stress of words or the general stress rule. Be careful though with stress in words and most definitely names, since the traditional English pronunciation is often never matches the Russian. For example, English speakers tend to put stress on "влади́мир" (Vladimir) in the first syllable like so "Vládimir", but in Russian stress is always placed on the second syllable, like so "[Vla-de’е-meer]".


    Here are some more examples:


    • The writer Pasternak is "Пастерна́к" (not Pа́sternak)
    • Nabokov is "Набо́ков " (not Nа́bokov)
    • Oblomov (a man in Goncharо́v's famous novel) is "Обло́мов" (not О́blomov)


    Stress in Russian is heavier than it is in English and much harder to predict which syllable is going to get lucky and get marked for stress. Sometimes you will find that different forms of the same word will have different stresses. For example, in Russian hand "Рука́" and  hands "Ру́ки" have two completely different stresses. The first "Рука́" has stress on the end and the second word "Ру́ки" has stress on the first. It is one of the many reasons why you should learn the stress of words you are learning/know of...otherwise, if you do not know the stress, the safest method to proceed is to read it without stress at all, syllable by syllable.


    Next we delve into a bit more of the Linguistics of the language itself. If your goal is to just be understood, feel free to skip this. But if you are like me, you want to know how things work and why. If you are, the following six points will show you the small differences between Moscow Russian is written and the way it is pronounced.




    Many call it the indication of a good Russian accent and from what I have heard and dealt with, I'd agree with them. I learned more about what this is actually called (and generally more about it) from a friend (@aalsuvorov) who has been willing to educate me further in Russian. What it is is the correct pronunciation of soft consonants and you might be wondering what "soft consonants" are. Well,  "soft" means the consonant is pronounced with a simultaneous y sound. You can tell if a consonant is soft if it is followed by any of these letters/sounds:

    е ё и ю я or the soft sign "Ь".


    The main thing you must remember to do is pronounce the y sound with the consonant before it. Many people end up pronouncing the two separately instead of simultaneously. For example the word "сове́т" ('council') is pronounced [s-a-vy-е́-t] — that's five sounds. The vy (soft в) is not two sounds, but one! In English, we say it "s-o-v-i-e-t", six, instead of five sounds!


    Hard Consonants vs Soft Consonants;


    'Hard' consonants are pronounced just like in English, without the simultaneous y sound like in soft consonants. Earlier, in "", we learned there are twenty consonants. Of them, with the exception of "" and "", are all hard consonants. "" and "" are always soft! Of the other eighteen, fifteen of them will tell you if they are to be pronounced soft, as they will always be marked with any of "е ё и ю я" or the soft sign shown above. For example, "Л" [l] is hard but "Ль" [ly] is soft! That is to say, in Russian "[l]" and "[ly]" are two different sounds, but to many English speakers they probably just think it is a variant (allophone) of [l].


    For example, compare the [l] in "people" to the [l] in "leaf". Do you hear the difference (different dialects might make this hard though)? The [l] in "people"  is like "Л" (hard) while the [l] in "leaf" is like "Ль" (soft). Do you notice the differences? Here are some more examples of hard and soft consonants in Russian:


    • Мйло [meela] 'nice' - hard л
    • Мйля [meelya] 'mile' - soft ль
    • Лук [look] 'onion' - hard l
    • Люк [lyook] 'hatch' - [ly] is soft
    • Мат [mat] 'bad language', 'abuse'  - hard т
    • Мать [maty] 'mother' - soft ть
    • Мать [maty] 'mother' - hard М
    • Мять [myaty] 'to crumple' - soft [my]


    Before И the [y] element is less audible but please be aware that regardless the consonant is still soft.


    • Бить [beety] 'to beat' - soft Б


    However, if the 'Б' was hard, the vowel would not be и but ы. For example:


    • Быть [bity] 'to be' - hard Б


    Consonants that are always hard: Ж Ц Ш


    Even though the letters е ё и ю я ь mark the preceding consonant soft, there are exceptions...like most languages. Thankfully not as much as French, though. They are the following: Ж Ц Ш. These letters are always—always—pronounced hard (no [y] sound!), no matter the following letter. Like the word Жена́ 'wife' is pronounced [zhe-nа́] —the [y] of the letter e [ye] simply disappears.And in Жёны 'wives' is pronounced as if it were written like Жо́ны [zhо́-ni]. Ты зна́ешь 'you know' is actually pronounced as if it were written like Ты зна́еш [znа́-yesh]. The soft sign has no effect and has become historical in usage only.


    Oh, and before I forget to add it...after the letters 'Ж', 'Ц' and 'Ш' you should hear the vowel и [ee] pronounced as if it were actually ы [ i ]. As so:


    • Жить [zhity] 'to live'
    • Цирк [tsirk] 'circus'



    Next time on Learning Russian! (lol) we learn about voiced and unvoiced consonants! How fun! Stick around and just remember...practice makes perfect! Or so they say... :ph34r:



  11. So, I have not been exactly the most active blog member. I've been going through a job change- from IT Technician to Network Manager at the biggest school in my town. So proud. Anyway, places change, jobs change but people... people never change. A girl came up today asking for a "Geiger counter". If I was a halfwit I'd have no idea what she was on about but I know a few things about science, 3 to be exact. I said I'm the Network manager but she said "my teacher told me to go to the technician". "Well, maybe your teacher had the science technician in mind"? Damn.


    Over and out. I'll have probably less blog entries now since this sort of thing is rare unlike my previous job...

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    My computer is

    CPU: AMD FX-4300 3.8GHz Quad-Core Processor
    CPU Cooler: CRYORIG H7 49.0 CFM CPU Cooler 
    Motherboard: ASRock 970 EXTREME4 ATX AM3+ Motherboard
    Memory: G.Skill Ripjaws X Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3-1600 Memory
    Storage: Kingston Savage 120GB 2.5" Solid State Drive
    Storage: Western Digital BLACK SERIES 1TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive
    Video Card: MSI GeForce GTX 750 Ti 2GB TWIN FROZR Video Card 
    Case: Corsair SPEC-03 Red ATX Mid Tower Case 
    Power Supply: Silverstone Strider Gold 450W 80+ Gold Certified Fully-Modular SFX Power Supply   
    Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 Home OEM (64-bit)


    I need to know what drivers to install 

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    Can my system upgrade to a gtx 950 it has a : >AMD FX-4300 3.8GHz

    >8GB DDR3 1600

    >AMD Radeon HD 7670 2GB GDDR3

    >a 350w power supply

    >Chipset AMD 970

    >http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIA24G1XA5604&cm_re=cm1855-_-9SIA24G1XA5604-_-Product (link to my pc incase of any question's)

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    GPU:ASUS STRIX Geforce GTX 950 2GB                     

    CPU:Intel core i5 4460 3.2Ghz                                      

    PSU:EVGA  500 W1 80+                                                                         


    Case:Raidmax Vortex V4 ATX Mid Tower Case         


    Storage:WD Blue 1TB                                                    

    Monitor: Asus VH238H                                                  

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    So, my first post on this blog.

    Yesterday I was looking around on Dribble and found some inspiration.

    This is the first version. So what ya think?


    But please don't hate on it, I want to improve.


  14. So hi peeps. I'm back, who's back, this guy he's back. Aw yeah!

    Been on some form of hiatus but I do wanna finish my upcoming design & start working on physical building my tower case from scratch hopefully this year. Still thinking & re-thinking important stuff and things that'll be totally custom as prototypes which can eventually become a working product. #Crossyourfingers

    Haven't made any updates because I'm just busy & need to find myself a job soon.

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    My system automatically run down.can it be the power supply or the smps??i can't turn it on anymore

  15. i want to use a rfid reader and rfid card for windowslog in.I dont care about security. I am in windows 10.PLease tell me how can i do that and where i can find the hardware. IF the hardware is found in amazon it will be good

  16. blog-0968809001454086466.jpg

    Advisory: I have no credibility nor full knowledge of what's behind the scenes in the full spectrum scale. Yet I see so many issues that are not/ only now are being addressed at all.

    CS:GO - (This will be my main focus, I plan on properly writing an essay/article about my thoughts but since I have never done anything like this and I am too ignorant to learn on my own, I am hoping for your constructive input.)

    As it has been highly discussed, these bans issued to the iBuyPower players seem rather unfair. Not for what they did but because there were no countermeasures at the time of the event. And when it started getting exposed Valve took a hammer and put them down to create an example to the rest of the players, instead of properly addressing it in a collective manner, leaving them blinded for a year with no hopes of getting their careers back.

    This is a two sided story as it creates controversy regarding their actions named stealing, robbing and essentially committing legal crimes. Although I cannot dispute these statements I can say that Valve had no right to ban them simply for the greater good of the future of competitive CS if not eSports as a whole. They should have been punished themselves as they did not think this could happen, or if they did they simply chose to ignore it. Valve should have contacted some sort of legal advisor to set ground rules on match fixing. Even though it is obvious it is bannable, it wasn’t stated in the rules of the tournament they were involved in.


    eSports in general using the CS scene -

    But enough of match-fixing scandals, on the something more productive. I have really enjoyed watching D!ngIT Weekly Cups with $200 up for grabs by tier 2-3 teams as well as Acer Predator Masters, Uprise Champions and Operation Kinguin. These are some of the events that deserve to be watched regularly by us and that should be the main focus. Instead of the exhaustive top tier teams constantly fighting in, more than too often honestly, tourneys that become less and less interesting as the amount increases. Leaving the teams with not enough time to practice as much and us getting tired and losing that special interest we had in watching our favourite team fight for that special spotlight.

    With this last rather confusing paragraph, what I’m trying to get across is that there is very little exposure for the smaller teams and even the tier 2. After a decade in eSports, each major game (LoL, SC2 and CS:GO) should be able to support each team monetarily not in prizes but in sponsors. The top tier teams shouldn’t have to compete for $5000 dollars every other week to be able to generate enough revenue to have a house and food after retiring. eSports only become a feasible option when you are able to retire and either find another job on the area that you have studied for while you were doing it part-time, or if you fully committed you must have enough money to walk it off for at least a couple of years after.


    Conclusion -


    These issues are a rather painful thing to sort out but it would be an ideal reality. There are sponsors and investors willing to put money down for this, mainly because there are numbers to back these ideas up.

    Now I realize this last bit became quite a cluster of ideas and it became rather hard to understand. Again, I’m hoping for input from you guys to help me understand the scene better and hopefully spread the word and help the players and the aspiring ones.


    • I don’t think the iBuyPower shouldhave been banned because Valve didn’t have any rules against it at the time of the happening and they should be punished by not being allowed to do so.
    • CS:GO pros need to be top tier in order to have CS as a main focus of income and career and need to play too many tournaments in order to have enough to retire and not have to work for some years.
    • This issue should be addressed by having more money down by sponsors and there should be also higher pay and more room for smaller tier teams (2-3).

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    Greetings all,


    I recently acquired my first monitor have been experiencing some weird resolution issues when using my Displayport cable for connection between the monitor and computer.


    My PC is an ASUS ROG G20CB and my monitor is a BENQ XL2430T, 144hz monitor.


    So here is the quick and skinny, I have the monitor listed above attached via Displayport cable to my PC and I have my TV attached via HDMI to my PC as well. Both devices are 1080p resolution so naturally I run them as such. I have them set to duplicate so I can run my games to the monitor as well as the TV for playing in the living room with controller or watching movies/videos, etc. The issue arises when I shut down the system and then start it up again. The monitor changes to 800x600p resolution at 60hz and I am unable to bring it all the way back up to 1920x1080p resolution (the highest it will go is 1600x1024p). Regardless of how I set up the TV and monitor (meaning if it is duplicating, extending, show only 1 or 2) I can't correct it back to 1080p.


    I am currently using my Dual Link DVI cable instead of the Displayport and I have no issues with it adjusting the resolution upon shutdown or restart.


    Has anyone seen this before or know how to correct it?