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  2. Hi! Did you apply thermal paste or liquid metal?
  3. Have a look here and here if you haven't already for the main differences, along with the monitors Nvidia has certified. If you don't care about HDR, and the lower end of the refresh range isn't a concern (such as if you have a strong GPU and won't ever have frame rates that low), then quality G-Sync compatible monitor is likely more than enough. In that case the cost for the dedicated module is likely not worth it.
  4. Sup guys, i was wondering what was taking up my ssd storage cuz i dont have a lot of games installed on it and i saw in ccleaner these 2 files, how can i delete em?
  5. Drama Lama

    me: awake at 3 am brain: [spoiler]

    some scandal: * happens * the media: let’s be creative and call it < insert any word > -Gate
  6. Yes, that is a mistake. I owned a i7-6800K for ~3 years overclocked....until it died...and gave it back to Intel. I actually had my i7-6800K running with a CoolerMaster Hyper 212 EVO for the first 1.5 years? CPU was running an all-core OC of 4.0 GHz with the cooler. Under normal usage and gaming loads, and occasional benchmarking / computing, the CPU cooler held up fine. You'll have no issues -- even if you overclock. I was using an ASUS X88 Deluxe II. Your ASUS Rampage V Extreme if a step above that, IMO. i7-6800
  7. displayport on the intel motherboard supports 4k 60, so it would support 1440p high refresh rate should be fine
  8. Can we get images of what condition things are in? I've had to remove literal years of built up cigarette tar and odor from a machine before, and from that I can tell you it is surprisingly possible to get horrible smells off components. Anything without a PCB (case, radiators, heatsinks, etc) I found if you let sit in boiling water with some alcohol mixed in for about half a hour then give them a bath in 90% isopropyl alcohol (just pour it over it while making sure to get as much surface covered as possible) it pretty well killed the smell of that, so as long as the heat didn't cause the smel
  9. thanks.. and no m talking the shorter ones..https://www.amazon.com/HONBAY-Rubber-Reducing-Anti-Vibration-Screws/dp/B077SLSV9V/ref=sr_1_6?crid=3M6QJUI6PPHLH&dchild=1&keywords=silicone+fan+mounts&qid=1614712536&sprefix=silicone+fan+mounts%2Caps%2C375&sr=8-6 and no the corner isint physically damaged.. just the threading is spoilt so nut isint tightening
  10. That would be the problem. check out the Corsair wiring guide here: https://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=173880
  11. in device manager find your monitor and update the driver from there driver>update driver> browse my computer for drivers> let me pick.... > have disk; and locate the .inf file that you downloaded earlier
  12. I used ThrottleStop to offset voltage on CPU core to -169mV, cache offset of -125mV. Ran cinebench r20 twice as a basic stress test. Yes, I am using dragon center specifically to modify fan curves. I will try these and update this thread shortly with screenshots.
  13. Overall is it better to go for AMD based setup or Intel based setup these days? It's been ages since I built my last PC so lost touch of latest stuff.
  14. I will defiantly have to look for a 1000w power supply. do you think its necessary to get platinum or would gold be good enough???
  15. Ok I was wrong I have a 550 rosewill 80 plus gold. The 1080 requires an 8 pin plus a 6 pin which are both plugged in. And no I am not able to make it to the bios at all. It just says no signal when I turn on my computer
  16. Is that the planned hardware list, hardware you're donating to your friends build, or something else? What components are you looking to buy with your $3k budget?
  17. thanks for the info I am going to be using this pc to game but also mine during the day when im in shool.
  18. well, I can't compare it but my monitor is 'gsync compatible' and it's pretty much perfect, there's no screen tearing, no stutters, not sure how the 'certified' ones are supposed to differ tbh (and I doubt it's worth it, if it works it works imo)
  19. Before I begin: Do you live in the US? Your grammar is a bit off. This is in no way related to trademarks. That's copyright, which is different.
  20. Just get the cheapest used GPU you can find. If your not gonna be doing much gaming, the the refresh rate of the monitor shouldn't matter for non gaming purposes.
  21. You can thank companies like Disney for the ever-expanding mess. It does need to be overhauled, but there is so much money sunk into keeping a death-grip on TMs/IP/.etc that it simply won't happen, not in the US at least.
  22. Yes I have 2 SSD a Samsung 860 evo (250gb) and a kingstone (120gb) one, and I can probably sell my MB,CPU and Ram for ~100$. After looking at some forums for witch GPU to pair up with my i5 and seeing the price they go for I'll probably copy the build from the video, it will be enough for casual gaming and since I'm in collage I think I'll benefit from a weaker PC. Best of luck with your PC, I'd help but I'm just as confused .
  23. Hey, Thanks for the quick reply. I've done this on an old 8gb stick. I've formatted it to FAT32 with a small partition and tried it on all usb ports (front io and mobo io). When resetting it the screen doesn't turn back on and the qled on the mobo stays solid white, Bodhi
  24. yes I do plan on installing both rtf 3080, and 3060ti I want to mine with the pc. I did not know that I would disable on of the m.2 connectors but I will only be using one of them with a 1tb Samsung m.2 that I currently have.
  25. The best and easiest would be to have the owner enter their credentials.
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