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  2. @-rascal-I can't believe techpowerup made a mistake...check the table:Multipler unlocked: NO https://www.techpowerup.com/cpu-specs/core-i7-6800k.c1844
  3. valdyrgramr

    So I got tired of waiting for the RTX 3080 that…

    Don't feel bad.... I played big brain.
  4. My PC specs are Intel Core I3-4150 8Gb ram and Intel 4400 HD Graphics
  5. so I got a Fujitsu primergy S2 tower server that has 16gb of ram, so I get it hooked up to the power and a monitor, turn it on and it will not budge past this screen. I'm a complete server newbie so scream at me as you will.
  6. germgoatz

    Status Update

    i agree fortnite
  7. germgoatz

    Status Update

  8. I have a 10-18 on a aps-c 7d. THe 10-18 is for aps-c cameras only. A manual focus lens will work fine, but just won't be able to auto focus. But with a 10mm lens, you won't need to focus anyways, as the depth of feild is super deep.
  9. If you'll be using an XLR mic here are the options as I see them from most ideal to least ideal. 1, Just use a UMC202HD interface, use the game bar for volume controls and a single PC for streaming 2, UMC202HD, Korg nanoKontrol (if you really hate the game bar that much) and Single PC streaming 3, GoXLR and SIngle PC Streaminf 4, Dual PC Streaming wit UMC202HD 5, Dual PC Streaming with GoXLR
  10. I didn't think dirt rally would run, I'll have to take a closer look, thanks
  11. be careful don't clean with a vacuum cleaner on a server. it's a very bad idea, because they generate a lot of static. the effects may not be seen immediately, but generally the components on the motherboard get damaged very easy by ESD. 1921681001
  12. If you want an AMD processor, you're gonna need a new motherboard, since the one you have is for Intel CPUs only. So that there is 2 products right of the bat. My suggestion to you, depending on your current budget, would be to get yourself a new reputable PSU and an i3 or i5 or even an i7 intel CPU. And another 8GB stick of RAM. Just getting yourself off of the Pentium brand into the i-series will be a jump in performance along with the memory.
  13. Yus I have, mm-hmm: Hoshī Update - ASUS PRIME X570-PRO Motherboard. I did notice that its RGBs lit up like a Chrimbus tree when I flipped the power supply switch on, even before powering on the PC. Uncertain whether the indicator/debug LEDs (CPU, DRAM, VGA, Boot Device, etc.) on my board do the same thing after shutdown, though. Uh, I left the PC running overnight to fold proteins, kek. (If I see the same thing happening, will make note of it in an edit to this post.)
  14. Red :)

    Here's a sneak peek of a thing I'm currently wo…

    Update: GIMP crashed. And it took all the progress with it. I had a lot of stuff opened there but it was doing fine until I was doing some pixelating in another window. I'm downloading an autosave plugin immediately.
  15. Moonzy

    ok google... if anyone knows of any 30-series G…

    !!! -checks my 3060ti TUF- I love you i still need a VGA connection, but that's a lost cause at this point i would think gonna have to use DP to VGA or smth, i dont think HDMI to VGA works
  16. Well the thing is it seemed to be fine when playing siege, so that leads me to think it may be some software issue, but ill check anyways
  17. 2 case fans should be fine. I have this cpu and had that exact cooler in an h510 with the included 2 case fans, it would heat up to 99c after 20 mins of sustained load, but I haven't really seen it throttle. In real world use case it doesn't throttle because I'm not hammering it at 100%, so unless you do that, the included case fans should be fine.
  18. Given the current market, losing a card would be quite bad.
  19. I've actually seen that been thinking about getting it, thanks
  20. Grumpy Old Man


  21. That is an unhelpful question to ask, because that's not how post office vehicles work. If you're driving normally, you don't expect to stop on every street, do you? I don't know precisely, and it depends on too many factors to provide a conclusive answer. Enough that the range will be noticeably less than it would be if the same drivetrain and batteries were used for a normal car driving pattern, but probably not enough that it wouldn't be able to serve a full round of deliveries for a day.
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