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The WAN Show


Event details

This event began Mar 26, 2016 and repeats every week forever

The WAN Show is live at http://www.twitch.tv/linustech every Friday at 17:00 Pacific time.








Sorry. Just have to post this since it will be buried in YT comments. Saw the Techquickie on Powerbanks. Loved Linus' reaction as he was saying what he's listening on Audible now (at the end of the vid).

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13 hours ago, Ryan_Vickers said:

no one, it happens on Friday

I live in India so it will be midnight of 1st Oct here...sorry didn't count the time difference before asking.


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On 9/23/2016 at 10:18 AM, IAEInferno said:

Wanna hear a joke?



Your grammar.

Isn't it spelling. Want to is the correct, Wanna is the jargon.

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On 11/27/2016 at 7:45 AM, leonfagan71 said:

I've found out why the show is always late:::

"wăn" means "evening", "late" in Mandarin Chinese...


That explains a lot....



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On 2/3/2016 at 1:31 PM, Ryan_Vickers said:

Cool, good to have the notifications right in the forum.  Does this mean the show will start on time now? :)

hope so be a nice present for my b day

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The glut and flooding of the market of Graphics Cards continues....


Allegedly either a Nvidia "Pascal" refresh is coming very soon or "Volta" architecture is being pushed up to 2017 instead of coming out in 2018 to compete with something called "Vega" from AMD that is allegedly launching alongside the "Zen" cpus from AMD in January...

Allegedly the Geforce GTX 2070 card is going to have specs that look somewhat similar to the current GTX 1080 for a MSRP of $349 USD, or $30 USD lower then what the GTX 1070 finally came down to with its MSRP being $379....


I have a feeling i know why we are seeing this glut of CPUS & GPUS lately....

I think they are trying to make a SkyLake or KabyLake Cpu the new Mass Market Standard going forward and push everyone to upgrade to that and stop using Broadwell Maxwell and older cpus.... and with the specs on Project Scorpio being so similar from what i've read to a gaming computer with a gtx 970 slotted in it... and with Nvidia saying that is the base card of theirs for a "VR-Ready" experience/rig.... i have a feeling that the 700 series GTX cards everyone seems so fond of on all the websites i read won't be up to snuff for much longer....

and just like how with the Arrival of Windows 10 and all these new technologies Second Life was forced to finally drop support for Windows XP and Windows Vista and is teetering on dropping support for Windows 7 in the next year or two, i think they will be forced to update their system requirements that currently state 200 series GTX/GTS cards are all that is required...

i've seen articles saying Windows 10 is required for some things with some things requiring the latest current public release build of Windows 10 even, i've seen articles lately saying the not even out yet Kaby Lake cpus are going to be required to run some things...i've seen articles saying the support life cycles for Windows 7 and Windows 8 are being cut short or already have been... Windows 10 Anniversary Update is declared Current Branch for Business by Microsoft for Enterprise Customers just in the past week or two...

Microsoft has joined IBM & Google/Alphabet in a huge forward push for Cloud Computer, Artificial Intelligence, & Quantum Computing...  it has joined up with a lot of its tech industry competitors to form groups for promoting and advancing various technologies...  it is trying to compete with Amazon's Echo speaker now with a forthcoming "Home Hub" feature update to Cortana, with Cortana being made available for Internet of Things Devices now as long as they have some kind of display screen...

It just seems to me like we are on the edge of a major generational change in computing and gaming where all the major tech industry players from Nintendo to Xbox to Microsoft are trying to change things up and make what 2-3 years ago was considered a moderate to very high end experience become consider the basic computing/gaming experience going forward...

Some References/Citations:



Some other interesting recent articles:


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6 minutes ago, XHAD said:

UMM isn't this on Saturday even though you usually stream on Friday

16th is friday, today is thursday the 15th.

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