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Day Six - Baha Pushes Hard




Baha continues his push in the final days of the event, and if he keeps it up we will see him pushing up to 5th place by the closing whistle. Shlouski is looking so impressive, you can not help but appreciate the way they have smashed it and pushed the team to higher levels. 


In first place, as has been the truth for the entirety of the event we have shoulski, with 394.2 million points, there is no way we won't be celebrating the legend by the end of the event at this point. miker07 is up next, in second place with 318.7 million points, miker also looks very safe and we can be pretty sure where he will be by the final whistle. Mxyzptlk is in third place with a still very impressive 262.5 million points. Justaphf is once again in fourth place with 167.6 million points, it has to be said that there haven't really been much of a shake up in the top ranks this event which is pretty common with such short events. Like all sprints, you give it your all for the duration. Starman57 is in 5th place with 93.1 million points, this is now where we have to question as Baha has a real chance to displace Starman in the upcoming and final update. Baha is in 6th place, with 90.9 million points, he leapfrogged Pezui who is now in 7th place with 89.6 million points. CT854, the chinese tigre has continued to show us just what he can do during this event, taking the number 8 slot with 85.9 million points. cbigfoot is another shakeup, leapfrogging Favebook with 78.1 million points and finally we have the honourable gatekeeper, Favebook with 76.9 million points. 


Well, as we can see there have been a couple of shake ups in the top ten this event, but so far, I think we can all say t has been less than exciting in some ways, and in other ways, it has been an amazing event to see just how far some users can push their production. We have around 11 hours left of the event so keep pushing guys, keep pushing. 



Day Six Stats


Please remember that this is a friendly event, but we are all folding away for Science, AND GLORY! 


I'm really impressed with the numbers we are seeing here, Thank you to all who are involved and who make this worth while every event


Remember we are a team first and individuals second, so give thanks where thanks is due and hit that reaction button when someone helps you out.


Be wary of the minimum participation requirements


5 Days with activity*, 300,000 Points

(*activity is defined as completing at least 1WU for the 24 hour period)


Happy folding,





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