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The Search for a New Monitor, Part 2



A little while ago, I told you guys about how desperate I was to switch to a monitor that wasn’t a low-end Acer from 2006-07. I said how much I really wanted one of those Dell Ultrasharp monitors that you could put those soundbars on, and it seems like that’s finally becoming a reality in a few days.


Yesterday, I was out in Downtown Winnipeg, for an appointment when I had the idea to go to an e-recycling facility and look for one of those monitors. The place is located in Winnipeg’s North End neighbourhood, the kind of area you’d generally avoid unless you’re tracking the Find My iPhone app. I ended up buying a mint-in-the-box PS2 DVD remote when I was there, which I didn’t exactly expect to see there, and they had a pretty great selection of cases, monitors, cables, and more.


Not to sound like an infomercial or anything, but it was just a bit of a surprise for a facility in an area that should probably have “GET DOWN!!!!” as its motto. After a bit more looking around, I decided to ask the guy if they had any of those old Dell monitors. As it turns out, they do, and the one they’ve got even has a soundbar on it! It’s just going through their testing process to see if anything is wrong with it, and soon it’ll be mine for just $25. (Hopefully.)


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