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LBNL/NERSC news week of 21st-28th



well @CarlBar @Bitter here you go. You can also just read these pages like another news feed. NERSC won't be daily but should have a monthly update


energy secretary jennifer granholm visits berkeley lab\

Secretary Granholm, Congresswoman Lee, and Director Witherell met with several early- and mid-career researchers, who offered brief summaries of their work, including research of bioenergy crops, supercomputing and machine learning, improved batteries, eco-friendly plastics, and thanked the scientists for their commitment to public service.


Worlds thinest magnet

“We’re the first to make a room-temperature 2D magnet that is chemically stable under ambient conditions,” Jie Yao

“State-of-the-art 2D magnets need very low temperatures to function. But for practical reasons, a data center needs to run at room temperature,” Yao said. “Our 2D magnet is not only the first that operates at room temperature or higher, but it is also the first magnet to reach the true 2D limit: It’s as thin as a single atom!”

“With our material, there are no major obstacles for industry to adopt our solution-based method,” said Yao. “It’s potentially scalable for mass production at lower costs.”




7 hours ago, Bitter said:

2D magnets would be used for....magnetic storage?

lots, Flash storage, magnetic storage, RAM and more

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