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Award Ceremony



Well here we are, at the end of our little five day sprint. It went by super fast and half the team ended up unavailable due to illness or work.  So massive, MASSIVE Thanks to @cbigfootWho honestly did 70% of the work on this one. Really, He carried the event this time around and deserves all the thanks we can give him. 


I'm not going to talk too much hear as this is a low effort mini event but can we all just appreciate that somehow, Den-Fi managed to win again... no-one could have seen this coming... honestly... I'm sure he is as surprised as the rest of us. /s 


You have seven days to claim the prizes from this event. To claim the prize you need to DM me. It's that simple. They will now be rerolled if you don't claim they will simply be added to the community pool. 





Missed out on the first day as to be truthful I was busy and completely forgot!  Tried to fold as much as possible the next 4 though and managed to fold for around 13 hours on Friday. Realistically the highest I could’ve placed was around 55 or so even if I folded 24/7. Congrats to all the winners!

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I'm very grateful to have made it into the top 10! I gunned for it pretty hard on the last big folding event and barely missed, so it's nice to have made it in for this smaller one. I'm unfortunately going to have to scale back my folding efforts pretty heavily by the time the next major event rolls around due to upcoming circumstance changes (hence the jank box during this event), so this is a nice little capstone to my current setup.

A big thank you to the organizers again for putting these together (especially @cbigfoot this time around, and @GOTSpectrum for carrying on despite a literal hospital visit!). You guys are awesome and I'm glad to be able to participate in the events you run. Looking forward to the next one!

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