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Finally getting round to undervolting my 290X!



If you didn't already know, the R9 290x is a card that loves to run hot. I've replaced the thermal paste, put new fans in, and it still manages to thermal throttle. A few weeks back I asked for advice on undervolting my card, and @TofuHaroto replied and said to undervolt to -50mV and work my way down.


Actually Undervolting My Card

So, I put -50mV into MSI Afterburner and... my display went absolutley crazy. Luckily I was able to revert that.


-20mV! No wacky display crap.

Let's go to furmark:



Alright, ran furmark for a bit and we hit a maximum of 95 celsius. I know furmark is very intensive though, so it most likely won't get this hot in games (I know it doesn't because I've monitored my temps before)

And the GPU is also throttling a bit here.


Let's go lower!
-30mV now. Applying the undervolt doesn't get me any wacky display crap, we're looking good. I'm going to let the GPU cool down a bit before I try furmark though.

Let's jump into Furmark:



Alright, after going down to -30mV, I've decided to go back to -20mV. I feel like there was a performance loss in -30mV and the clocks were running slower. I only took the first screenshot at the start of the test, but throughout, it was running at a higher clockspeed throughout the FurMark test.


Thank you for reading my first post and I hope you stick around!



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