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What is Your Time Worth?



Why I don't want to get another low-end retail job:


In a crisis like this where a person needs money, the easy choice is to get a job. But I am trying to figure out how to do something different.


It's no wonder I didn't want to go to college, when you compare the numbers of what I was making flipping PC parts per hour:


Working at McDonalds/retail/grocery: $9.45-$12 an hour.


Working on my business and flipping PCs return on invesment: minimum $22 an hour, sometimes $35 an hour, and rarely up to $500 an hour if I say found a batch of CPUs. When I hired an employee, my minimum return on investment rose to $25 an hour.


But the return on investment for an engineer: $45 an hour.


Getting a job is the "safe" bet. It's why I switched to a better major. But given that I have the skills, today, to make $22 an hour minimum, why would I go back to that low-end retail job?


I need cash (well not really, I've got an emergency fund), but I don't want to work in retail or food service. I've got the skills to do things that pay more, but is it worth it?


I'm no longer thinking about CircleTech as an alternative path from college. Now i'm thinking of it as a way to pay for school, so I can move on and do greater things. 

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