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MX Brown - Tactility? What Tactility?



The MX Brown is the last of the Cherry originals, its siblings being the MX Blue and MX Red, a clicky and a linear switch respectively. The MX Brown is the tactile switch that completes the trifecta of Cherry's flagship switch line.


I personally prefer linear for its smooth actuation, and tactile for its actuation indication, and unfortunately the MX Brown isn't tactile at all. It's almost a linear. I describe it as a Red with a food baby. The bump is so minimal, yet it is just enough to let you know that you've gone past the actuation point.

Taking a look at the stem, the legs are where the tactility is created. The small, tiny little dip in the legs that even my phone - that I used to take a photo of this stem - can barely detail it. While this particular stem that I have extracted from a Gateron Brown is particularly smooth, I imagine the likes of Cherry's Brown stems share the same characteristics.




Next up is the force curve of the MX Brown. The bump's peak force is around 55g with the actuation point at around 45g, and around 0.75mm away from the actuation bump. That's a large gap in delay between the bump and the actuation. While this wouldn't be noticeable in real world usage, I assume for those whom don't often bottom out will have to get used to the late actuation. I'd be inclined to think I confirmed a keystroke once I experienced the tactile bump.




The MX Brown is a tactile switch which also has the softest tactile bump of any tactile switch I have used. ZealPC's 62g Zealios being the most tactile switch I have ever used, with the sharpest, most pronounced, most detailed tactile bump I have ever used, and also with the bump being directly at the top of the keypress with no pretravel.


You could read my Zealios review here:


Another notable tactile switch I have used is the YOK Purple Trash Panda, which uses the same concept as the Zealios V2, sharing the same characteristics with the tactile bump being at the top of the keypress. Despite the Purple Panda being scratchier, I still prefer it due to the sharper tactility.


You can read my YOK Purple Trash Panda review here:


While the MX Brown is Cherry's flagship tactile, I don't feel like it deserves the moniker. It's barely tactile. While it does have a slight bump that allows the user to indicate when they have pressed a key, it's far from the standard of tactility that I expect from a tactile switch.


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This is vindication for all the times I've told people I couldn't tell the difference between browns and reds and they said I was nuts and type too hard.

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