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MX Blue - The Worst-Sounding MX Switch



The MX Blue is a part of the iconic trifecta of original Cherry MX switches next to its siblings the Red and Brown, as well as their distant relatives, the Clear and Black.

The MX Blue is the flagship clicky switch manufactured by Cherry and cloned by the likes of Gateron, Kailh, and Outemu, but what they all have in common is the same mechanism, the click jacket, to generate their tinny, wimpy, dissatisfactory click.


The main draw towards opting for a clicky switch such as the MX Blue is the click jacket mechanism, this two-part stem made up of the main MX-style stem (in blue) and the plastic jacket (in transluscent white) to make up the switch.




In theory, this is actually a genius design, but falls short as the two-part design creates
hysteresis, delaying upstroke and for some people, slowing down their typing speed and/or gaming reflexes, as the delayed upstroke will be costly to those who are in need of fast keystrokes. Not to mention the click being tinny, short-lived, and weak, this switch fails to satisfy me when other excellent clicky switches like the Kailh Box Jade with its gorgeous-sounding click bar exist.


As a fan of linear switches, this switch is extremely disorienting to use, the hysteresis delaying the upstroke as well as the jacket interrupting the downpress is just not fun to use.




Taking a look at the force graph of the MX Blue, we can see where the pressure is applied and where the click is exerted, as well as the reset and hysteresis evident on the upstroke.

The click is around 60g with the operation at around 50g, so this is a fairly medium switch compared to the other switches such as Reds and Blacks.




The MX Blue is one of the most famous switches in the mechanical keyboard scene, and I would actually bet that most people would refer to this switch if they were asked what a mechanical keyboard is.

The signature click of the MX Blue is what gives clicky switches a bad time, and that is sincerely disappointing as the MX Blue is easily the worst-sounding switch as well as the worst switch to use in general, with its inconsistent actuation and evident delay on the upstroke.


Lube does not help the Blue either, as even lubing only the sliders will suppress the click and take away the switch's only redeeming quality.


I would not recommend this switch for anybody as it's an all-around terrible switch, instead, if one is looking for a Kailh Box Jade, I definitely recommend the Kailh Box Jade, which I have reviewed previously, and can read here.



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Bwahahaha that gif.

"I refuse to touch this trash with my fingers." –Sowon, 2019

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13 minutes ago, LukeSavenije said:

hm... outemu blues comparing to this might be fun?

Same click jacket mechanism, betting there's zero difference to discern between Cherry, Gateron, and Outemu for Blues.


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2 minutes ago, sowon said:

Same click jacket mechanism, betting there's zero difference to discern between Cherry, Gateron, and Outemu for Blues.


i mean... just an idea since i recall you saying you have them laying around

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