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Zeal Zilent V2 - Zealios V2 With Pillows!



The Blue ZIlent V2 is a silent tactile switch offered by ZealPC, the same vendor who has created other famous switches such as the Zealios V2, Tealios V2, and the Healios. This time around, Zeal has created the Zilents V2 which was made to compete with the MX Clear.

The Zilents V2 are offered in 62g, 65g, 67g, and 78g weights, similar to its brother, the Zealios V2, which are also offered in those four weights, and additionally in four colors, with a progressively darker stem color with each weight option. I've personally chosen 65g as I own 62g Sakurios which I find a touch too light and 67g Tealios which are near the peak of my weight preference, so 65g was the middle ground in my weight taste. In my testing, I've compared the Zilent V2 to both 62g and 78g Zealios, and here's what I think.


Starting off with the stem, the color comes extremely close to the Tealios, the Zilents are more blue in hue than the Tealios, where the Tealios take on a more turquoise saturation key. The stems of the Zilent V2 are smooth and definitely up to the standard of other Zeal boutique stems, made of ultra smooth plastic and it shows in the feel of the switch. This time around, there are silencing rubbers similar to those found in the Healios and its recolors the Sakurios & Roselios, three more of ZealPC's silent switch offerings. These silencing rubbers are excellent and provide a soft, pillowy bottom-out on keypress as well as dampen the impact on the way back up as well.

These silencing rubbers also obviously make the switch a lot quieter as well, they slice about half of the sound profile of the Zealios V2, which is what the switch is designed after.




Pictured below on the left is a 78g Zealios V2, and on the right is the 65g Zilent V2 that I have been analysing. They share the same stem leg design as well as the same stem slider design, only on the Zilent, the bottom and top of the sliders are lined with rubber instead of the traditional plastic. These are the defining characteristics of the Zilents V2 which is why I often refer to these as silent Zealios.




The leaf inside both of these switches housings also remain identical to the human eye, with the legs of the contacts being highly protruded to promote that crisp and sharp tactile bump.




The Zilents V2 inherit the same traits as the Zealios V2, having a defined, sharp, crisp bump at the top of the keypress, much sharper than that of an MX Clear or MX Brown. This combined with the silencing rubber to soften the bottom-out and upstroke impact, this switch is an excellent choice for those that find the Zealios V2 to be too forceful with bottom-out and upstroke, as well as find the Zealios to be too loud for a tactile switch.


The ZIlents V2 are a modified switch done right, keeping all the traits of the Zealios V2 but improving them to target the market who want a silent variant.


To read my review on the Zealios V2 where I go in-depth about the actuation and design of the switch similar in fashion to how I reviewed the Zilents V2, you can read below where I have linked my original Zealios V2 review.




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