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Zeal Sakurios - Not So Smooth Criminal




The Sakurios is a silenced linear switch from ZealPC, the Sakurios is a re-colored Zeal Healios switch with a 62g spring, and comes in a light pink tone. The Sakurios' sister, the 67g Roselios, comes in a more saturated pink to the Sakurios.


These switches are costly at $1.20 a switch at the time of review, and I bought 70 of these for myself unsponsored using my own money. Due to this, I had high hopes for this particular switch due to its price as well as its hype, being a re-colored, 62g-weighted Healios. I'm personally fond of the 67g Tealios also by Zeal, and I have read online that the Healios are described as a re-colored & silenced Tealio switch.


Cracking open the switch, it's a nice, smoothly-crafted, pink linear stem with firm rubber dampeners on the stem sliders, the stem is also a nice pink too. The material is smooth to the touch, similar to that of a Tealio or Zealio switch, it's nice quality from Zeal, especially for that pricetag per switch.

The silencing rubbers aren't too hard nor too mushy, they're just right, and when bottoming out and returning, the rubbers feel pillowy and soft, it's a nice bottom-out experience compared to traditional MX switches where bottoming out can be quite harsh and sudden. I commend Zeal for this particular rubber, it's what silenced switches should strive to achieve.


To compare, I'd say the smoothness of the Sakurios versus something like an Ink Black or Tealios is about 8/10, the Sakurios are noticeably less smooth than Tealios. But I'll touch on this more a bit later.




Now where this gets interesting is that when I bought my Sakurios, I ran into quite a few problems...


I ordered my 70 Sakurios directly from ZealPC, and about 10 of my Sakurios had loose leaves in them, whereby if I opened up those particular switches, the leaves would fall out without any force. Add to this the leaves in question bent easily, and I wonder what happened to my particular batch.




I actually had emailed ZealPC in September regarding my issue, citing that my Sakurios are consistent on the keypress, which I assume this is due to the loose leaves.


The response I got was as follows:


Apologies for the delayed response. We reviewed your order and confirmed with our latest batch of Sakurios and did not find any sticky problems. That said, depending on the lube used and how it's applied, there can be instances where the surface tension and viscosity of the lube causes a sticky feeling against the top of the rubber on the initial keypress, after leaving the switches idle for a while.


The rubber is designed to be slightly shorter and firmer than Cherry MX Silents, as that's what causes an even mushier feel. Our silent linears have been pretty well regarded, and many prefer them over Cherry's silent variants. Unfortunately when it comes to preferences, silent linear switches may not be suitable for everyone.


Best Regards,

Henry Liu
Zeal Generation Inc.


Now, it's to be noted that I did use Krytox 205g0 lube to lube my Sakurios which are a particularly thick lube, so I can accept that it might have been my own mistake using thick lube on silenced switches, given that it was my first time with silenced switches and that I had been recommended thick lube to use due to my lubing technique.


This still does not excuse the poor quality control of my particular Sakurios batch, loose leaves destroyed my experience with the Sakurios and I am deeply disappointed with the switch as a whole, especially for the price I paid for it.


I paid about $80 to get switches that came with loose leaves.


I will give ZealPC the benefit of the doubt and say that I am probably part of the 1% that got a bad batch of Sakurios, however that stil does not excuse the quality of switches that I got, like I mentioned a multitude of times throughout this review.


That's not to disrepect the switch in any way, the switch is still fairly smooth to use and the bottom-out is soft & pillowy, but the leaf problem I had with my batch gave me an inconsistent typing experience, as well as a sticky feeling after lubing a majority with thick lube. For the record, I used a few unlubed and experienced the same probems minus the sticky feelings, so at stock, the Sakurios feel fine albeit inconsistent.


I do truly hope that I'm in the minority with my batch slipping the cracks and that everyone else who bought - or buys - Sakurios experiences a pleasant actuation and soft bottom-out omitting the loose leaf issue.

And word of advice, don't use thick lube with silenced linears. I learnt the hard way.




 about 10 of my Sakurios had loose leaves in them

Recent Gateron batches especially inks have had terrible loose leaves. Gateron leaves in general aren't great but now they're just getting worse. 

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On 10/27/2019 at 5:29 AM, b emoji said:

Recent Gateron batches especially inks have had terrible loose leaves. Gateron leaves in general aren't great but now they're just getting worse. 

Interesting. Had heard about Gateron Ink Black leaves being loose recently but didn't occur to me that they would affect Zeal's batches too. $80 of switches to get loose leaves still has my stomach turning.

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