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Kailh Box Jade - The Best Clicky Switch to Ever Exist



The Kailh Box Jade is one of the most famous clicky switches in the mechanical keyboard scene, boasting a thick click bar, MX stem with a box, and moderate afforadability at around $0.34 at any major mechanical keyboard switch retailer.

I have owned and use Kailh Box Jades for a month on my main keyboard and have experienced great joy from using these particular switches, they have a consistent click and actuation, and the sound of them is crisp and full, compared to that of the Cherry Blue's click jacket, which in contrasts sound hollow, dull, plasticky, and unapologetically cheap.

The Kailh Box Jades were my second major mechanical keyswitch, the first being the Outemu Blue in my previous E-Element Z-88 mechanical keyboard. The Jades blow the Blues out of the water in every single way.


As mentioned earlier, the Kailh Box Jade feature what is called a click bar,the small metal, paperclip-like bar in the middle of the bottom housing, this in conjunction with the stem leg on the switch's stem is what creates the satisfying, full, punchy click of the Kailh Box Jade.

The click feels as good as it sounds. The super thick click bar generates a very loud, typewriter-like sound signature that exudes pleasure on every keypress. It is that good of a keyswitch and I would easily call these the best clicky switch available to buy on the market at present.




The box around the stem is not just for aesthetics either, it's for dust protection as well as keycap stability. The housing is made by Kailh and does feature the traditional four pegs but rather only two clips on the side which shows in the unique bottom housing and the stem to accomodate. As a result, frankensteining these switches with other switches such as Gateron Blues or Zealios will not work. I have however had luck swapping the springs an dstems of the Kailh Box Jades and Pale Blues as they both feature the Kailh housing.


My one complaint about the switch is its weight, at stock, it takes approximately 70-73g of force to overcome the click followed by 50g of force to actuate after the initial bump. I found this heavy after long sessions, although your mileage may vary, and I am a fan of light linear switches, so a fairly heavy clicky switch like this was not in my alley. I believe if you are able to have the finger stamina to type on these switches, you'll find them very satisfying, just as I did. I believe the weight is what creates that heavy and full click, as I imagine a lighter spring or thinner click bar would result in a quieter, toned-down, crumbled down click compared to the crisp clean click of the Kailh Box Jade.


As a complete package, the Kailh Box Jade is easily my favorite clicky switch. It has a crisp & sharp click thanks to that thick click bar and decent weight albeit a bit heavy for my tastes. I have not had the opportunity to use the Kailh Box Navy, the Jade's heavier brother, but I would assume with my glaring concern regarding weight and finger fatigue of the Jade, that I would find the Navy a bit overbearing for my fingers, and I find the Jade the perfect mix of click and actuation.


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You did a fine job reviewing my favorite switch.

The world remains a happy place.

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