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Simple mod to increase video card airflow in my build

Mira Yurizaki



Update time to my experiments with improving GPU temperatures and case airflow. So as a recap:

  • I've noticed that my video card was hitting thermal limits on workloads that normally didn't in the last case it was in, a Silverstone FTZ-02
  • After looking at the case and thinking of the airflow pattern, I came up to this conclusion:


    The idea was that the case fans on the top and rear would draw the hot air (marked red) up and out. But there wasn't much airflow going there. So I stuck a case fan on the video card to draw some air up. I also did see some improvement so I decided to pursue this route.
  • The temporary solution looked like this:

Deciding to make this a more permanent and elegant solution, I ordered an L brackets meant for mounting case fans to something (https://www.amazon.com/Coolerguys-Mount-Stand-Bracket-Black/dp/B0195FW4LI). This would mount to the case itself through the rear fan so I could mount another case fan above the video card. I also decided to remove the shroud on my video card because I feel like the direction the air needs to go past the fans was constrained by it. The end result is this:




I also happened to be at Fry's and they had white LED versions of Corsair's AF120/AF140s, so why not? The only problem I found though is they need to run at a fixed RPM through my fan controller, otherwise the light pulses occasionally which I'm guessing is the fan controller "kicking" the motor and the LEDs are powered by the same power-in line as the motor.


So was it worth it? Well, I'll let the numbers speak for themselves. The workload I used to test this was https://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/benchmark/


Before the mod (probably, I forgot when I gathered this data)


After the mod



So basically:

  • The GPU was able to sustain higher clock speeds for longer, indicated by the higher average clock speed.
  • The average and maximum temperature dropped
  • The GPU's performance was not limited by thermals. Power and VRel are expected to be hit.


I blame your sound card, but there's not much else you can do about that so this is a good work around even if the kids dont find it "aesthetic"

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I doubt it's the sound card because all of the hot air is blown towards the sides of the case. It's either going to go up or down from there, and I'd rather not have it go down.

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Very interesting! I have my 1070 cooled with a H60 on a NZXT mount. If room was allowed, that L bracket would be nice to have for my GPU :)

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