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Most of My Heroes Don't Appear on No Stamp: An Obsession with Public Enemy Explained

PlayStation 2


Possibly one of my most unusual obsessions of anything comes from the rap group Public Enemy.

And in reality, why I became real obsessive (to an extent) to Public Enemy is for a few reasons.


Back earlier this year, I was really opening up to a lot more older rap music outside of the gangsta rap scene. This mainly started with LL Cool J, but would obviously continue well into artists like Public Enemy and EPMD.

I would become way more aware of how the Bomb Squad handled their production, and the sheer amount of sampling they would go on and do. This carried into other artists too. This also really helped me find an odd appreciation for Def Jam, the record label Public Enemy was on from 1986 to 1998.


Basically, the Bomb Squad's innovation, the wall of very interesting noise, and LL Cool J, for whatever reason, got me into Public Enemy, and showed me a new appreciation for them.


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