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Day Four - Baha Strikes

So an alternative title for this would be Shoulski breaks the stats. As cbigfoot mentioned, he is producing so much the stats just don't line up, keep going man, let's see what you can do. Baha has come out of nowhere and struck right at the top of the table. It's good to see someone willing to shake things up even with such a short event.    Shoulski continues to show us just want a man on a mission can do, pushing the envelope ever higher, taking the number one spot with 260.7 millio


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Day Three - Over One Billion

Well here we are, day three and even with only our small number of participants we are surpassed the one billion mark already. Thank you to everyone who has got involved so far, no matter if you have produced 100 million, or 100 points, you are appreciated.    Shlouski continues to push forward in first place, with 187.9 million points, it is looking like they aren't going to be caught during this event, but who knows, a few mercenaries here and there could lead to a massive change. Mi


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Day Two - Impresive

Well here we are, seeing some mighty impressive numbers. Everytime I think we have seen the best we could have you guys smash it and just push that bit further, and for that I salute you.    Shlouski continues on their roll in first place, sitting there with 123.6 million points, they are certainly the one to beat and looking at the competition there is no one to challenge. Miker07 is next up maintaining second place with 104.1 million points. Third place is once again Mxyzptlk who is


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Day One - Let's Play, 'Spot The Merc'

Well here we are, yet again folding in the heat of summer, many of us will suffer and some will be pleased with their hired help, but no matter where you get your points it is welcomed with open arms.   In first place we have Shlouski with an impressive 58.6 million points, followed closely by Miker07 in second with 54,3 million point. I can already see the rivalry brewing between these turn time to fire up every fpu you've got and push hard for the title. Mxyzptlk is sitting in third


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Well here we are, it only seems like last week we were all gathered here for a folding event but it was in fact many months ago.    We have 56 people signed up for the first leg of this sprint and it will be interesting to see how many make it to the finish line.    So you may notice that I am not my usual self recently, unfortunately I have progressed to the point of needing regular high strength opiates to manage my condition, tramadol and morphine are certainly an interest


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Intel Discrete Graphics Cards.. my take on what would be beneficial to the community and Intel

(Originally posted on the FTR Official Blog on Sunday 29th Dec 2019)   Hi www So over much time, I have been thinking about Intel graphics cards since before Intel themselves took it seriously.. In short.. Intel need to build a consumer-ship from scratch, and on every side they have the potential to be squeezed out of the market. So with that in mind, I have some.. recommendations for the Intel Graphics Department.. 1. you need a catchy name for your cards that has nothing 


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A more reliable way for troubleshooting PCs

Try testing the CPU with Prime95 with the Small FFTs option for a hour. Try testing the RAM with Memtest86 for 3 hours. Try testing the GPU with GPUPI 3.3.3,Press Calculate then use the following settings: Try testing the GPU with MSI Kombustor for a hour.   Tell us if you get any errors while testing.   Prime95 download page: https://www.mersenne.org/download/   Memtest86 download page: https://www.memtest86.com/download.htm   G


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Some nice BAT (b-cat) functionallity:colorize [pattern] to STDOUT on the fly [oneliner|script]

#!/usr/bin/env sh READFROM=$1 MATCH=$2 COLOR=$[ 29 + 0$3 ] printf "\nPress \033[1;32m[ctrl]+[c]\033[0m to quit.\n\n" function help() { echo 'USE: $ bwatch [PATH] [STR] [INT]' echo 'PATH : file to watch' echo 'STR : string to watch for' echo 'INT : {0..16} Color (ANSI 29+)' echo ' : eg: 2 = RED 3 = GREEN ,... ' echo 'TIP: use in Terminal with miniview/minimap to quickly spot highlighted content;eg http://terminolo.gy' exit } [[ $1 == -h ]] && help tail -n 5 -f $READFROM | bat


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Tasks with Plenty of Documentation: 2, theverge.com: 0

Hello everyone! I’m back at my home again, which is a lot like being out at my cabin but with Internet that’s twice as slow and three times more expensive. Tonight I wanted to take a look at an impressively bad article from The Verge (Wow! I bet you’re shocked! You probably thought “bad The Verge article” was an oxymoron!)   This absolute gem of a story can be considered a spiritual successor to the last time The Verge tried to perform a task for which an endless amount of documentatio

Trying to Update a Blu-Ray Player From 14 Years Ago Shouldn't be This Hard

Hello everyone! I'm writing this from my cabin, where it's now past midnight because finding a firmware update for my Sharp Blu-Ray player took so long. While I can usually trust the Wayback Machine to find me a 2000s copy of a webpage that includes whatever download I'm after, this was much harder.   Actually, "much harder" is a massive understatement. What I meant is that it'd probably be easier to find the lost city of Atlantis and the lost city of Eldorado than it would be to find

The Search for a New Monitor, Part 2

A little while ago, I told you guys about how desperate I was to switch to a monitor that wasn’t a low-end Acer from 2006-07. I said how much I really wanted one of those Dell Ultrasharp monitors that you could put those soundbars on, and it seems like that’s finally becoming a reality in a few days.   Yesterday, I was out in Downtown Winnipeg, for an appointment when I had the idea to go to an e-recycling facility and look for one of those monitors. The place is located in Winnipeg’s

The Spark Plug Change From Hell, Part One

Today's blog entry is a lesson in not being prepared when you really should've been. My dad and I knew it wouldn't be long until we had to change the spark plugs in the '05 Audi TT, but we came to the car without a spark plug wrench, experience working on these stupid German cars with barely any room around the engine, or even the damn replacement spark plugs.    The TT has been sitting in a garage at our cabin for over half a year, because we had a painfully long winter, Followed by a


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ScrollPoint: IBM's Attempt to Reinvent the Wheel, Literally

Over the years, IBM has introduced some of the greatest and most fondly-remembered peripherals in the history of the PC. Whether we’re talking about the venerable Model M, or the TrackPoint that made laptops far more intuitive at a time when they usually sacrificed too many features to truly replace desktops, it’s clear that IBM knew what they were doing in the late 20th Century. Today, however, we’re taking a look back at a product that didn’t quite develop the same kind of following.  


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I think keyboards hate me today

This evening I was just opening my Start Menu to open Firefox, when my trusty 20-year-old Microsoft Internet Keyboard decided it wanted to search "444444444444444" on its own. I was a little confused at first, but I decided to just brush it off as me probably pressing the key without noticing. I opened the Start Menu again, and right away, it says "666666666666" in the search box. At this point I'm afraid someone might've managed to get access to my computer despite how much I do about security,


Ink I still have: Lamy - Blue Lamy - Blue-Black Lamy - Turquoise Lamy - Green Lamy - Red Lamy - Bronze Lamy - Black (Got another bottle) Parker Quink - Blue Parker Quink - Washable Blue Parker Quink - Black (Cartridges) Parker Quink - Blue-Black Diamine - Oxford Blue Diamine - Amber Diamine - Oxblood Pelikan 4001 - Brilliant Black Pelikan 4001 - Royal Blue Montblanc - Mystery B


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I can't believe how bad the Windows 10 Photos app is

Remember in 2017 when Microsoft unveiled their latest in innovative buzzwords, “Creators?” I sure wish I didn’t. 5 years after its release, the Creators Update is still the worst update to Windows 10 for a plethora of reasons, chief among them being Microsoft’s promises to replace a significant amount of the best software they’ve ever made with even better stuff. Being Microsoft, they naturally failed to deliver on any of those promises.   After using all of the programs introduced in


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I'm ditching my 16-year-old monitor for another 16-year-old monitor

When I was younger, I always loved to read this little story in which there were 3 pigs, and and a wolf. These 3 pigs each built their houses out of different materials, and the wolf demolished all but one of them, presumably because they weren’t compliant with local building codes.   Why am I bringing up an obscure children’s story you’ve definitely never heard before in a post about monitors? Because of the similarities between the LCD monitors sold from 2006 to 2010 that featured on

I've hated computers a little bit less ever since I stopped caring about Windows 11

As you guys may know, I have a burning hatred for Windows 11. I don't think there's ever been another UI that feels like such an insult to the userbase, and there's just no excuse for the artificial hardware limits. However, I've decided to stop pretending that this is somehow going to affect me, because I don't think I'll ever actually use the OS.  Ever since I found out about this, I vowed that I'd become like one of those people who still uses Windows 7 in 2022, only I'd be using Windows

Why I Decided to Leave Consoles Behind.. My Journey into Being a Generational Gamer..

Hullo   So..    Q: What IS a Generational Gamer?   A: Someone familiar with console generations and console gaming, but has left it behind in pursuit of PC gaming.   This was me and a lot of other people when around that time (2010) people starting thinking:     What's wrong with consoles?.. well nothing really, they do what they say they will.   But then.. I would prefer to save a lot of money with a DIY solution for my gaming and not


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How to Fix WMP Metadata Services in XP, Vista and 7 if You Want to Do That for Some Reason

If you're like me, you might remember July of 2019, when Microsoft discontinued their fai[dot]metaservices[dot]com metadata provider for Windows Media Player, and only added a replacement service on Windows 8.1 and 10. This came as a tremendous shock to me, because the resulting uproar was how I found out people still used WMP. Since then, several people have discovered a workaround, which is effective in almost every way, aside from one thing I'll answer at the very end because that's how blog


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The Rant - Part 3

"I don't want to spend over $200"   Ok.  Well do you like visiting the chiropractor?  No?  Then stop being a goddamn cheapskate.  I know what your setup looks like.  How about you stop buying 9000 different varieties of useless, fugly painted plastic that is funco-pop--and spend the money on something that you will actually PHYSICALLY be in contact with on a daily basis?  Do you also like sleeping on a fouton instead of a bed?  Or a cot instead of a proper mattress?  Tell you what, whi


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The Rant - Part 2

"4k isn't even useful until you are at 55" or bigger, and 8k is practically useless"   ^These are the words of an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.  Go on and quote me all your factbabble about "Arc seconds/minutes/degrees of the human eye" and all that fluff.  You're an idiot if you believe that shit matters to decipher any meaningful data for the average user.  No two people will ever perceive a setup the exact same way, and no two will ever have exactly the same pre


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