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About this blog

A blog about your favorite number.

Entries in this blog

Most of My Heroes Don't Appear on No Stamp: An Obsession with Public Enemy Explained

Possibly one of my most unusual obsessions of anything comes from the rap group Public Enemy. And in reality, why I became real obsessive (to an extent) to Public Enemy is for a few reasons.   Back earlier this year, I was really opening up to a lot more older rap music outside of the gangsta rap scene. This mainly started with LL Cool J, but would obviously continue well into artists like Public Enemy and EPMD. I would become way more aware of how the Bomb Squad handled thei

PlayStation 2

PlayStation 2

Pre-Build Blog of Reptar β: Reasons for Not Going for R7 and Looking into the Future

I guess I gotta talk about the current state of Reptar, or rather, I'm kinda inclined to.   If you want TL;DR, me planning on what I wanted to spend my money on is why I didn't go for the R7.   Now that the TL;DR is out of the way, I amassed $220USD in total the night before my birthday, September 20th. I then started weighing my options. "Should I bust my load right here right now or should I have some money to spend then save for R7 around Christmas?" I am getting mone

PlayStation 2

PlayStation 2

A look at Loungin (Who Do Ya Luv remix) by LL Cool J

Loungin was the third and final single released for LL Cool J's sixth album, Mr. Smith. Released on June 25th, 1996, it proved to be a large smash, thanks to the remix produced by the Trackmasters and featuring Total on the chorus. The song is, very simply, LL finessing a woman in a loveless relationship with another man. Sampling Bernard Wright's 1985 hit Who Do You Love? (which focused on a topic not unlike LL's I Need Love), its instrumental is still one of the best aged ones.

PlayStation 2

PlayStation 2

What Peanuts VHS Tapes I Need to Get My Hands On

Guess this oughta exist. Counting Paramount tapes only, no specific variant within that realm.   Regular Specials: A Charlie Brown Christmas - ✓ (Shell print from 1992, 1995 print in cardboard sleeve, promotional 1995 print, 1996 clamshell case print and 1998 print) It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown - ✓ (1994 print and 2000 reprint of 1997 tape) A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving - ✓ (1994 print) Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown - ✓ (sealed 1995 print) It's th

handymanshandle's VeggieTales VHS Collection

Back when I was a kid, I really loved VeggieTales. Honestly, I still do to this day. No, not every episode has aged well, but the ones that have still REALLY hold up to this day.  This blog entry covers the VeggieTales tapes I own. Where's God When I'm S-scared? - ✓ (1995 print and 1998 Lyrick Studios reprint) God Wants Me to Forgive Them?!? - ✓ (1995? print and 2001 Lyrick reprint) Are You My Neighbor? - ✓ (1997 Lyrick Studios print and 1998 Lyrick print) Rack,