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week one of automation tuning
So I’m starting week one of modifying some of my first cars i ever made so they are easily found and modifying the performance of the cars

the two trailers in the photos above are each filled with 3 cars each



An off roader 3 super cars and others



Entries in this blog

Mako beast

a 16 cylinder engine  a 4600 lb tow capacity stiff suspension  an 5 star frontal collision rating 4 turbos 2 trims Weird suspension trim (WST) stiff suspension trim (SST) an 4 star rollover rating for weird suspension pros and cons  WST pros:  less possibilities of a rollover smoother ride  Cons: suspension bottoms out while accelerating (w/ trailer) hitch does not attach some times SST pros: suspension will not


Cyberwolf in week 1

the 95 mustang race car

this was my first car made in 4.27 and my first car with a interior containing 50+ fixtures and 3+hours of work several keyboards speed reduction  15x 16 cylinder engine prototype traction control removed


Cyberwolf in week 1