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About this blog

linux & windows & any other popular os:

tips tricks and general observations on any hardware,os,software and other it related stuff.

-stuff i wish i had come across years ago as it would have made life easier 

-stuff i think everyone knows but proves me wrong everytime

-stuff that is but shouldnt be

-stuff that seems like a nobrainer to me but isnt 

Entries in this blog

pacman is dumb really dumb from time to time

here is another thing that really sucks hairy monkeyballs in any arch based distro: so apparently pacman knows these two packages are actually the same as they occupy the same slot (conflict): :: ki18n and ki18n-git are in conflict. Remove ki18n-git? [y/N] (=>both answers haave the same effect the process exits)  but even if sees the conflict it doent actually know these are the same packages, since the -git version is installed lets check what version of the package is curren


Herr.Hoefkens in complaints