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About this blog

linux & windows & any other popular os:

tips tricks and general observations on any hardware,os,software and other it related stuff.

-stuff i wish i had come across years ago as it would have made life easier 

-stuff i think everyone knows but proves me wrong everytime

-stuff that is but shouldnt be

-stuff that seems like a nobrainer to me but isnt 

Entries in this blog

Everything is a file is maby not always the best

sometimes the "everything is a file"  approach on *nix systems is great sometimes its not really especially when programming its not. the filesystem structure of certain  " special/magic" directories and there files is maybe unlikely to change in the near future. but filepaths tend to be just strings most of the time. even when they arent at first glance if you follow the trail down to where they are actually constructed they usually end up being just a collection of hardcoded str


Herr.Hoefkens in complaints