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Hello I'm Dava


Blogged on Tech for over 10 years since 2007, pretty much retired though. Started on ZDNet, moved to OCN (where I cause a minor stir in the industry with 'Real World Performance And What it Means to You'). Had an argument with one of the admins on OCN for deleting an article.. without even sending it to me first so I could back it up and post elsewhere.. rest of the staff got on really well. An OCN friend started 'For The Republic' FB Group we admin'ed there til life took us in different directions. I still blog on the FTR blog and get OK traffic for pretty much no exposure (50+ per article avg).. looking to blog here as I am pretty sure I heard Linus directly quote one of my articles from back in the OCN days hehe or maybe I imagined it.


Enjoyed LTTs media from the start and even used to watch the team on the 'old' channel. ... the 'old' is in quote marks because.. LTT is what 11 years old and that old channel was what? 5 years old if that? hehe.. make myself laugh. I have a gifted IQ but am disabled.. so bare with me. My disability leaves me in much pain derailing my concentration.

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Intel Discrete Graphics Cards.. my take on what would be beneficial to the community and Intel

(Originally posted on the FTR Official Blog on Sunday 29th Dec 2019)   Hi www So over much time, I have been thinking about Intel graphics cards since before Intel themselves took it seriously.. In short.. Intel need to build a consumer-ship from scratch, and on every side they have the potential to be squeezed out of the market. So with that in mind, I have some.. recommendations for the Intel Graphics Department.. 1. you need a catchy name for your cards that has nothing 


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