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About this blog

Follow me in my new found bottomless hobby of custom keyboards and many different mechanical switches. I will share what I have learned, compare products I own, complete in depth reviews, create comprehensive build guides, and hopefully along the way I can pick up even more information from this awesome forum!








  • ‘Jaster’ a TOFU96 DZ96 Build
  • Switch Lubing Guide feat. Invyr Holy Pandas w/ type test
  • KBD67v2 MKII Review
  • Linears DO NOT Suck?
  • Tactile Switches, Best of the Rest? w/ type test
  • Mito GMK Laser Theme Build XD84 + XD24
  • GMMK Fullsize In Depth Review 
  • Drop CTRL TKL High Profile build w/ type test
  • ‘Gaming’ Mech VS Custom Mech feat. KBD67 Lite
  • Zealios V2 65g VS Zilents V2 67g w/ type test 
  • A Keycap Comparison
  • GMMK Pro Build w/ type test
  • KBD67Lite Review
  • KBD Bella 75% + KBDPad MKII review w/ type test 
  • TOFU65 DZ65RGB V3 build w/ type test 
  • KBD Blade 60% review w/ type test
  • KBD8x MKII TKL Build w/ type test


Entries are not in any particular order, but these are all currently in the pipeline, with more to come!





Entries in this blog

Clicky Switch Round-Up

Clicky Switch Round-Up Click Clack THOCK!          Intro:   The base idea of testing out a bunch of clicky switches is to expand my switch repertoire. Clickys are not my favorite, as I do not particularly like the excessive click noise. I find the click sound already had from a tactile switch is satisfying enough, and for the most part all the clickys I have tried are linears that require very little actuation force, which is already my least favorite swi

C³ Kiwi VS Zealios V2

C³ Kiwi's 67g  -  VS  -  Zealios V2 65g Battle of The Tactiles       Intro:   This all begins earlier this year when I took my headfirst plunge into this bottomless pit of a hobby. I found the ZealPC Zealios V2 65g tactile switches both through recommendations here on the forum, and through reviews I had read + watched. I ordered a set, and sure enough, the praise was not unfounded, the caveat being they come at a bit of a premium, $1 / per switch. I had