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About this blog

Follow me in my new found bottomless hobby of custom keyboards and many different mechanical switches. I will share what I have learned, compare products I own, complete in depth reviews, create comprehensive build guides, and hopefully along the way I can pick up even more information from this awesome forum!







- ‘Jaster’ a Tofu96 Build
- Switch Lubing Guide feat. Invyr Holy Pandas w/ type test
- KMD67v2 MKII Review
- Linears DO NOT Suck?
- Tactile Switches, Best of the Rest? w/ type test
- Drop Carina 60% Review
- Mito GMK Laser Theme Build XD84 + XD24
- Let's Give Clicky Switches A Try w/ type test
- GMMK Fullsize In Depth Review 
-  ‘Gaming’ Mech VS Custom Mech feat. KBD67 Lite

- Zealios V2 65g VS Zilents V2 67g w/ type test 

A Keycap Comparison


Entries are not in any particular order, but these are all currently in the pipeline, with more to come!




- C³ Kiwi's VS Zealios V2’s w/ type test ✅

- Southpaw75 Review ✅ 

- OLKB Preonic MX V3 Review Ortholinear  w/ Holy Panda type test ✅ 


Entries in this blog

OLKB Preonic V3 Review

OLKB Preonic MX Rev.3 Review New layouts are fun! (and tricky?)     Prologue:   Lets keep this one "short" and sweet.    Ortholinears, what the heck are they? To summarize they are a full size keyboard, cut in half, trimmed down, with the keys straightened out in linear rows and columns, meaning the rows are not staggered.    Why would you want this? The main idea behind othrolinears is that your fingers should never be more than

Southpaw75 Review

Southpaw75 Review  A Budget Build w/ Full Assembly     This build was both budget focused, and experimental as I was looking for an option that required full assembly and soldering, I went with the Southpaw75, a 60% layout with a left hand (southpaw) numpad.     Here is the list of the parts I bought (USD): For $50CAD this is cheap for a custom keeb (cheap but good, making this a rare find), and while you will require more parts, this remains good

C³ Kiwi VS Zealios V2

C³ Kiwi's 67g  -  VS  -  Zealios V2 65g Battle of The Tactiles       Prologue:   This all begins earlier this year when I took my headfirst plunge into this bottomless pit of a hobby. I found the ZealPC Zealios V2 65g tactile switches both through recommendations here on the forum, and through reviews I had read + watched. I ordered a set, and sure enough, the praise was not unfounded, the caveat being they come at a bit of a premium, $1 / per switch. I