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August 30th The WAN Show Live Stream Document

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Star Citizen Requirements Are AWESOME

Nvidia to release a GTX790

Battlefield 4 runs at 720p on PS4

SSD Overclocking

< News Items >


Battlefield 4 runs at 720p, upscaled to 1080p on PS4


le sigh...


Star citizen hardware requirements separates the men from the boys



OMG Google to block you from playing local content over chromecast...wait...nvm...



The internet jumps to conclusions

Google DOES seem to be closing off…. but not this much!


Google patent will alow you to change security settings based on where you are


Basically you can do things like have a password to unlock your phone while you are our and about but have just a simple swipe while at work/home or any combination


TPM 2.0 paired with Windows 8 a trojan horse? Leaked german docs would say so


TPM can disallow certain programs to run, functionality cannot be overrun in windows 8

TPM is also where cryptographic info is stored for bitlocker

TPM allows remote administration

Rumors going around about the RND algorithm built into processors, being designed by the NSA and them having a cipher for it.


Bethesda pushing to drop xbl gold fee for ESO players


Should just bypass XBL completely at that point then and just whenever you launch the game it connects to the internet

It wont happen anyways tbh so yeah...


One in 10 five year olds has a mobile phone


more than one in 10 (11%) of youngsters spends more than their mother or father[on the phone]

Only a quarter capped their youngster's contracts, while just 3% said they disabled the data function on their phones so that they could only be used for making calls or sending text messages.


Lenovo to include Pokki Start Menu


Would have liked to see something like classic start

Microsoft needs to wake up, hopefully Balmer leaving can do that for them

Pokki has “Suggested” popular apps to download like angry birds and spotify(maybe where they are both getting some back funding from)


Adblock are buying ads


Video set to private

Website won’t load….

What’s happening??? - Will try to get an update


EA Catches flack over plants vs. zombies mobile app


This has been going on for a while and isn’t really new

But the microtransactions version of star rating is pretty funny

Boyfriend tracker app deleted from google play


50,000 downloads in 2 months

Just creepy - No invasion of privacy is okay, from a corporation or a friend/relative


Nintendo 2ds is a thing


Can play all 3ds/ds games in 2d

For what it does it is very cheap

I understand what they’re trying to do, they are in an awkward position so they are trying to cost down

Just because tablets are doing well doesnt mean you needed to make a slate nintendo...


Every major EA franchise going free to play


“It is very important to EA to bring more consumers into our world”



Siri response snarkily when asked talked to about google glass


Would this have happened under Jobs? Maybe tbh… but if it did they would have had an answer...


EVGA showing off mITX hadron case - smaller than prodigy


Integrated PSU? Hmmm

Looks really sharp


Nvidia to release a GTX790


Expected not to exceed $1000

Very limited GK110 chips tbh…

an answer to hawaii


Intel to release overclocking capability for their SSD’s


560 MB/s appears to be the practical maximum bandwidth SATA 6 Gb/s SSDs have been able to achieve

expense of stability…

A few OC’ed SSD’s in RAID 0…MMMMMMMM


AMD 2014-2015 Roadmap Update


APUs would amount for 70 percent of AMD processors, while CPUs (chips devoid of on-die graphics), will amount for 30 percent

In 2014 AMD's AM3 socket will retire after a 5-year run at the markets, as would its first APU socket, FM1. By the end of 2013



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I did not get into news :( Well you had great stream. :)

And just for LOL:s Attached File  lc1.gif.gif   434.21KB   2 downloads :P

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Need to rewatch it, missed first half.

Personal Build Project "Rained-On"

helped building up the CPU Overclocking Database and GPU Overclocking Database, check them out ;)

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i also need to watch it! but currently thinking about the EA news and the GTX 790  :)








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when will it be up on youtube? twitch loads slow for me.


Edit: 1,000th post :D

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Linus whats up with your voice its so deep :P


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when will it be up on youtube? twitch loads slow for me.


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hmm still need to watch the livestream 

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I would never OC my storage :E

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Is there a forever alone badge I can get?

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uhm linus, for the adblock video for you to watch it it has to be on the adblock page itself. it looks like they made an update thats why you couldn't go to it last time.  


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Star Citizen needed a GTX 770 to play on medium? Holy... Everyone, prepare your Titans/9970s!



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but GTX 790 never came out:(

Dream machine (There is also a buildlog)

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